Inspiring Women Leaders in Asia & What To Learn From Their Female Leadership (Book 2)


Goals Every Woman Should Have
Are Ambitions Unfeminine? Why You Should Be Ambitious Anyway!
5 Women In Singapore Who Show Us How To Have Successful Careers

Inspiring Women
Violet Lim
-Ceo Of Lunch Actually, On Building Asia's Premier Online & Offline Dating Service Platforms

Shao-Ning Huang
-Reflect On Her Journey: Jobscentral, Motherhood & Promoting Entrepreneurship

Before women could have the choice to pursue a career that they want to ensure their financial security on their own, they were limited to having to go for men who can provide them just that. It is undeniable that the negative connotations brought about by the then heavily patriarchal way of things still affect the way many people think about how women and their capability to handle finances and to secure themselves financially without the help of a male partner.

The idea of 5 C's are very much rooted in these stereotypical, phased out, and somewhat sexist notions on women and their ability to achieve success and financial stability on their own.

While first popularized as a joke, the 5 C's seem to reflect something about women and their finances. It also shows how the problems of women in financial management
are still heavily influenced and affected by the then heavily patriarchal way of things.

Brought about by progress and modernization, many women today are finally starting to take charge of their finances, with or without a partner

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