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Goals Every Woman Should Have
Are Ambitions Unfeminine? Why You Should Be Ambitious Anyway!
5 Women in Singapore Who Show Us How to Have Successful Careers

Inspiring Women
Zelda Anthony
-Head of Blockchain ASEAN at IBM, On Cultivating Female Leadership

Cate Gutowski
-GM of Commercial, GE Corporate, On 'If You Can See It, You Can Be It' Initiative

Female ambition is being blamed for the increase in divorces and job turnover.
Empowered females no longer feel they need to stay trapped in an abusive marriage
or unrewarding job with no career prospects. These women who have broken through
ceilings and quashed stereotypes are now among the most desired women in the
world. They have changed the definition of female attractiveness. Far from being
unfeminine, more and more men find female ambition attractive.

Perhaps the strongest symbol of the acceptance of female ambition is the rise of the
working princess. Among all the single women in the land, the Crown Prince of Japan
Naruhito proposed marriage three times to the ambitious Crown Princess Masako,
who studied at Harvard and Oxford before working in foreign affairs. While being
ambitious once seemed unfeminine to the Japanese, they now consider Masako a
role model. The multilingual princess has proven to be a popular ambassador-wife of

Few consider the socialite as the feminine ideal today. Among European royalty are
highly accomplished women across diverse fields, including Olympians, lawyers,
journalists and business women.

Women still face challenges for being ambitious. Here's how successful women are
overcoming them.

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