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Inspiring Women
Junie Foo
-On How Gender Diversity Is Critical For Businesses To Be Successful & Socially Responsible

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-Head of Economic Growth Initiatives for Asia-pacific, FACEBOOK

Women still face challenges for being ambitious. Here's how successful women are overcoming them.

Ignore the Double Standard
When was the last time you were called 'bossy'? Did you give instructions? Take control of a situation? Provide constructive criticism to a colleague? Offer advice?

These acts are part of many managers' job descriptions. When a woman shows authority at work, though, she is often viewed as too ambitious. Women are made to feel pushy and egotistical when pursuing career goals, whereas men are deemed confident and accomplished for engaging in the same behaviour.

Do not let these double standards hold you back. Some of the biggest obstacles to success are psychological. You can choose to be above them. Affirmations can be very powerful tools for changing negative thinking and blocking out the negative thoughts unhappy people may try and project onto you. Here are some affirmations for achieving goals, thinking positive and thinking big.

Pursue Innate Talents
Pursue what you are good at and what you love. Use your talents and expertise. Genes and natural ability will give you an extra advantage. You may also choose to focus on areas in which you show potential and have a high interest in. Dedicated, focused practice also leads to mastery of skills and success.

Do not be afraid to try many new things in search of your talent. Dr. Jannie Chan studied pharmacology, and then ended up co-founding luxury watch retailer The Hour Glass. Her real talent was in retailing. Today she is the first female president of the Singapore Retailers Association.

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