Travel tips from women bloggers can be really helpful. Not that we are being gender-specific or anything. But we all know that certain cultures treat women differently. So if you have plans to travel elsewhere, you want to know how their society views women. That way, you can conduct yourself properly and accordingly – so as not to take offence.

Travelling the world opens our eyes and expands our creativity and imagination. It also helps us learn new things and meet other people exposing us to different cultures. All these can transform us into a better version of ourselves.

The value of women bloggers

A lot of women love to travel all around the world. Proof of this lies in the many travel blogs written by women. There is a certain freedom to knowing that you have been placed other than your own country.

This love for travelling combined with technology and social media has empowered women and given them the chance to share their travel adventures. Much like diaries of old, blogging helps you express yourself. But since it is online, every opinion has the opportunity to connect with more people along the way.

Statista shares that global tourism is a $7.6 trillion economy on its own. A lot of people love to travel and see the world. This is made easier by less-expensive flights, easy-to-book accommodations and a greater access to information about places of interest. All these make planning a lot easier than having to do everything once you get to your destination.

Singaporeans love to travel and women are more likely to travel than men before they reach the age of 30. Since women are more social than men, it is not surprising that you get a lot of their opinion online – especially when it comes to travelling.

With Singapore being one of the most active media consumers in the world, it is no wonder that women travel bloggers are on the rise. So before you make plans to travel abroad, here are a few travel tips from women bloggers you might want to keep in mind.

Check your passport

This is too obvious. But unfortunately, it is also overlooked. The excitement of travelling oftentimes clouds our minds with a myriad of things to plan and prepare for the trip. But one thing that you need to prioritise is your passport. No matter how much you prepare, if your passport is expired or physically damaged, it can compromise your holiday plans.

The truth is, it is possible to go on a holiday without the need for a passport. However, it is still important to take a look at the expiration date and compare it with your travel dates. It is ideal to have a passport that is valid for more than six months from the day you travel. The longer the better. The last thing you want is to be sent back by the immigration even before you get started with your travel.

Book through safe websites

Now that you have your passport ready, it is time to book your flight and accommodations. This is another crucial step you need to tread carefully, ladies. One of the travel tips from women bloggers insists that you check the security of the website you will be booking with. Especially the ones you will use to book your flight and accommodations. For the same reason, you would install an in-car camera in your vehicle for your own safety.

So how can you verify the security of a website? One of the easiest ways is to look at the URL. Make sure it reads “https” where the “s” means it is a secured site. Another way to check is to visit the site of the company itself by typing the URL or searching through Google. Avoid clicking a link from online offers you get. Be wary especially when you are putting in personal details like your credit card number.

Travel Tips From Women Bloggers You Need To Keep In Mind

Secure travel insurance

You’re having fun! What can go wrong, right?

A lot. There are so many things that can happen no matter how long or short your holiday is.

A Singapore-based blogger named Irene of Irene’s Travel Blog shares the importance of having travel insurance. She explains that this is meant to cover your behind when the unexpected happens. This is best used when you find the need to cancel for a number of reasons. It can be a family member getting sick. Or it can be a medical outbreak in the country you are visiting.

It can even be flight cancellations due to severe weather conditions such as typhoons and even haze. When you are insured, you can get your money back and still use it to plan for another holiday.

Locate your local embassy

This might sound too drastic especially if you are just there to enjoy your time. However, you can never be too sure. You never know what will happen when you get to your destination. Remember that the local embassy serves as an extension of your home country and you can always find refuge if needed. In case you lost your passport, this is the first place you need to go to. Just have an idea of where it is located so when the need arises, you can head there straight without having to stop and ask.

Checking your gadgets is a crucial travelling tip for women bloggers

This is one of the most crucial tips you need to keep in mind when travelling to another country. Check your gear to see if you have everything needed to document your trip – your phone, your point-and-shoot camera, DSLR, laptop, or any other gear. Flora of shared how a pocket wifi saved her during one of her trips to Japan.

As you do this, audit the small things that go with all of them. Remember, ladies, that the devil is in the details. Check the battery to make sure you do not leave them behind. The same goes for your memory cards, cables, and of course, your chargers. If you are going to an exotic location, the last thing you need is to waste time looking for a charger cable for your laptop when you can already be enjoying the place.

Factor in travel connections is an important travel tip

Yet another important travel tip from women bloggers is to plan ahead. Expect the unexpected. If you have to get connecting flights, make sure you account for a time allowance. One delay might compromise your next flight. Keep in mind that travel insurance might not cover certain items. Some of them might not cover instances when the delay was caused by your inability to time your flight schedules. Be sure to check how the traffic is especially if you have to transfer from one airport to another.

Bringing too many greens

There is no denying that you need to bring cash. However, you need to be aware of the limit. This is why it is best to book everything in advance and pay for it beforehand or with your credit card. That way, you do not have to bring too much cash to cover for the tickets required in your itinerary. As you bring cash, bring your credit card with you as well. It might come out less expensive when you use it for purchases – considering how the foreign exchange and go up and down. Just be mindful of exchanging your money at the airport. They are notorious for not having the friendliest exchange rates.

Make copies of important documents

Travelfolio shares that it is important to have photocopies of documents such as your plane tickets, hotel confirmations, and even your passport. If you choose to leave your documents in your hotel, be sure the hotel has the facility to safe keep such documents. You can bring these photocopies with you in cases of emergency.

Enjoy the flight

Maureen Ow, who runs the popular blog Miss Tam Chiak shares that watching movies in the air is a great way to travel. During one of her trips with SilkAir en route to Indonesia, she was able to stream movies with the carrier’s wireless in-flight entertainment system. As most people would say, the journey is a big part of the destination.

The classic case of packing to the brim

If your baggage allowance gives you, say, 15 kilos, try not to temp the scale by packing in too close to that limit. For one, you might have to pull stuff out because you went over the limit. The other -and more important- is that you need to leave space in your suitcase for things you will be buying during the trip. Leave a few kilos free so you can bring home some souvenirs and even gifts for family and friends. Ms Skinnyfat who runs the popular blog also shares that you need to make a mental note of the places you intend to visit as well as the dress codes. This will help you plan out your wardrobe for your trip.

These are just some travel tips from women bloggers you need to keep in mind. As you try to have fun and explore the world, it is important to be smart and have a good head on your shoulders. These tips will help you have more fun as you travel with better peace of mind.

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