Amid the hustle and the bustling lives in the city, there are certain spots in Hong Kong that preserve the culture and calmness of the good old days. 

Although tourists fleet out and about the town, it is good to visit these areas instead of feeling confined within the conglomerate of skyscrapers and megamalls.


  1.      Ride the tram up Victoria Peak for the amazing night view of the city

   Hong Kong seems like a lively bustling city in the day with people everywhere. However, have you ever seen the quiet side of Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak? To see it from high up will be a one-of-a-kind experience and for those who are not a fan of tracking up to the peak, just ride the tram and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Victoria hill especially beautiful at night

  1.     Tai O Fishing Village

Aiming for some time away from the bustling life in the city? This is where you should go! The fishing village Tai O is located on the northwest of Lantau Island. Visit Tai O to take a look at their interesting houses known as the Chinese slit house, rarely found in hong kong nowadays. Be sure to visit this fishing village before it is too late.


  1.     Visit Tap Mun Island

Tap Mun, which sits off the coast of Sai Kung Country Park, is also known as Grass Island. If you like to enjoy the nice sea breeze during the day, this island is for you. Do remember to head down to the village’s main restaurant, Sun Hon Kee to have a taste of their amazing seafood. Also, remember to have a taste of the island’s special ice milk tea.

  1.     Visit Tung Lung Chau Island

A fan of adventure? This island is for you! There are many routes of different difficulty to try out as a rock climber there. If you are not one, there is also one main paved trail on the island which offers a great view.

Of course, if you are a more advanced tracker, do try out some of the alternative trails. However, if it is your first time there, do climb with some of the local groups who make regular trips.


  1.     Ocean Park

Finally, to no surprise, Ocean Park Hong Kong. Should you be looking for a family staycation, this is one of the best places to visit for a staycation. Take a peek at how marine mammals are bread at the Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre also located in the park. Do check out Ovolo Southside hotel if you are looking for a hotel near the Ocean Park.

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