Travelling for business is not an easy feat because business travellers have to be ambassadors for their companies while maintaining their productivity on the go.

Business travelling is not for everyone but often such trips are unavoidable especially if we want to expand our businesses or advance our career in this globalised economy. As such, do yourself a favour and treat every trip as a new positive experience!

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Here are some tips that can help you enhance your business travelling experience while on-the-go:

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  1. Avoid checking in your bags to save time. Instead, try to pack your things into 2 equal-sized handheld bags so that you can store them safely in the cabin storage and the space in front of your seat.
  2. Choose your clothes wisely and dress for a job. You are still the ambassador of your company despite the inconvenience and you will never know if you might meet anyone who can help you on this trip. It would be best that they can be mixed and matched for all occasions from casual to formal settings.
  3. Pack the things you need onboard separately for easy access when you take your seat on the plane.
  4. Choose to wait at the most “efficient” security or check-in lines to save time. Look out for queues with huge families or children ahead of the queue and skip them if you can.
  5. Keep a strict schedule for your meal and slumber times. Have a good rest before your flight and stick to your sleep pattern even when you are on board.

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On top of this, choosing an appropriate hotel that is able to meet your business needs is essential. Strategically located in the heart of Singapore’s main entertainment district, alongside the Singapore River and within close proximity to the CBD, Park Regis Singapore offers convenience to business travellers who are constantly shuttling between business appointments and makes it easy for exploring the neighbourhood.

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With adequate preparation, rest and meals, you will be able to have a productive journey regardless of location!

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