With more and more individuals opting to travel alone; just to unwind and get away from their stressful lives, Southeast Asia has been a hotspot for solo travellers. With beaches, cheap food, flights and accommodation, the Southeast Asians’ hospitality has been a favourite among wanderlust seekers all across the globe.

However, with travel, comes expenses, therefore, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to go in Southeast Asia that you can enjoy a week off in at just S$400!

1. Taiwan – shopping on a budget

The New Savvy - Women - Budget Travel 1Taipei, Taiwan is somewhere you can go solo and never feel like you are alone. The capital city is a modern metropolis that many individuals to travel to.

Whether it’s the food or the apparel shops, this concrete jungle has so much to offer especially if you are into food, culture and fashion on a budget!

Be sure to check out the night markets and be amazed at the range of knick-knacks and snacks that shop owners have to offer!

2. Thailand – budget food and accommodation

Thailand is a hot tourist destination in Southeast Asia for all kinds of travellers. Whether it is shopping in Bangkok or swimming in clear waters in Krabi. Travellers from all walks of life come to this Southeast Asian country to have a good time without worrying about the cost.

Due to the wide range of cheap accommodation, Thailand hosts young crowds who enjoy chilling and chatting over a cool beer and laid back music. Making new friends with other backpackers and solo travellers can even make your trip more enjoyable than it already is!

So if you are travelling alone for the first time, you might want to consider Thailand, especially the remote beaches and islands that offer serenity.

3. The Philippines – hospitality at no cost

Known to be the most hospitable people in the world, you can never go wrong with the Republic of the Philippines! With the country boasting more than 7,000 islands – you can find everything here. From night markets to calm beaches that will take your breath away.

Travelling to the capital, Manila alone, you can get plane tickets to the other parts of the country for just under S$50. Even within a few hours drive from the city, you can find one of the best beaches in the rural areas such as Zambales and Batangas.

The New Savvy - Women - Budget Travel 3Most of these places, although far less travelled and filled with tourists, are still filled with culture and lots of sightseeing spots that will definitely make your friends at home jealous! (#ootd galore!!!)

If you are thinking of bringing back knick-knacks as souvenirs – don’t! As the Philippines prides itself on their food ‘pasalubongs’ which ranges from dried mangoes to fried pork belly.

4. Laos – relax & unwind

Situated to the East of Thailand, Laos is a country of culture and religion. With such a quaint history, peace and relaxation are what attracts travellers.

The New Savvy - Women - Budget Travel 4

Amid the humidity, Laos remains relatively undiscovered. Therefore, it is still not as commercialised, unlike many other Southeast Asian tourist spots.

With breathtaking infrastructure dating back to the 1800s and waterfalls that will leave you mesmerised. Travel to Laos and leave your worries behind. For less than $400, you can stay in Laos for 2-3 weeks!

5. Vietnam – Culture on a budget

Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia with some of the happiest people on the earth. You will see colourful and safe street life, warm and welcoming locals and exotic foods here. All these attractions make it one of the best places in the world for solo travellers.

While you are in Vietnam, do not miss Hanoi’s massive Dong Xuan Market. You can have a close look at Vietnamese culture here. Vietnam is very inexpensive, affordable and within budget for many a solo traveller.

If you want, you can spend months here and you won’t get bored. Vietnam is rapidly emerging as a hot tourist destination for backpackers. This small country has many calm and tranquil places where you can go for peace and relaxation.


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