Amazing life experiences await the traveller, especially when the journey leads to an alternative holiday location that’s a bit off the beaten path from the usual tourist destinations. These days it matters not whether you’re a student or a professional, young or well-seasoned, an old hat at touring or a globetrotting newbie – anyone and everyone has access to travel opportunities.

Your travel budget may be well-padded, or it may feel a bit pinched, but no matter how much you can afford to spend, you can rest assured that you’ll find an alternative holiday that fits you to a tee.

Alternative Summer Travel Ideas for all Budgets

Alternative Luxury Beach Resort Ideas for all Budgets

The roasting summer heat inspires you to enjoy the bleached sands of a beach surrounded by clear blue shades of water, doesn’t it? The breath-taking, quiet beach on Hamilton Island in Australia might be the first to come to mind. Although enjoying the beach itself would not cost you anything, your stay at any of the Hamilton Island hotels would drain most of your budget.

As an alternative, consider the inexpensive destination of the Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. This place offers the same resort-like experience like that on Hamilton Island. You get to enjoy similar water activities here like kayaking, sailing and windsurfing as well as wildlife spotting. Although you won’t see kangaroos, wallabies and koalas as you would on Hamilton Island, you’ll get to see some of the wildlife representing over 400 different species of animals inhabiting the Peninsula Papagayo.

While the best hotel on Hamilton Island would cost you around $995 per night, the best hotel at the Peninsula Papagayo would cost only $278 per night for a room, and it would have a king-size bed.

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Alternative Family Expedition Ideas for all Budgets

If you are a family that loves hiking, then Kauai in Hawaii would be perfect for you. The only con to a holiday on Kauai is the huge expense you’d have to swallow for any of the hotel resorts available nearby. Since they are positioned near the Hanalei Bay, the costs of accommodation go through the roof during the summer.

Prices may be around USD 900  per night. Pre-booking as a family may save you some money, but it may still cost USD 650 per person per night. Alternatively, check out a visit to Miami as a family expedition. The hotel resorts in Miami cost much less and offer a range of family activities along with excursions to ensure the success of your family expedition.

You may also get to stay at the shore during the hot summer weather since there are hotels near Miami Beach. These hotels would put you back only USD 285 per night. While there may not be as many adrenaline-pumping family activities here as there are at Kauai (e.g. windsurfing and kayaking), there are still some fun pastimes like surfing and family outings (e.g. Miami Zoo).

Alternative Travel Ideas For All Budgets - Vacation Like A Pro!

Alternative Foodie Adventure Travel for all Budgets

The ideal summer destination for any foodie is Barcelona, Spain. Certainly, you’ll want to know to why! It’s because summertime in Barcelona boasts a range of fresh fruits and vegetables which create some of the most exotic and delicious Spanish meals.

Tourist foodies love this season not only for the joy their palates experience but also for the opportunity to socialise at so many culinary events. They get a real taste of the culture from rubbing shoulders with the Spanish people. The Catalonian food from this region is extremely attractive to tourists.

Catalonian cuisine includes Serrano ham and paella, a mix of Spanish seafood, sausages and delicious Spanish/Mediterranean herbs and spices. Also, you can check out lots of famous architectural designs and Spanish art at hotels, museums and galleries. Hotel accommodations here would cost you around $370 per night.

A less expensive option for a foodie might be Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. Everything here is a total bargain starting with the transportation and ranging through the hotels. Here, a foodie will find totally affordable varieties of food from roadside carts right up to fancy restaurants.

You can satisfy your desire to taste Spanish dishes by visiting the famous and relatively affordable fancy food joint Sirocco.

Alternative Winter Travel Ideas for all Budgets

Alternative Ski Resort Ideas for all Budgets

There are ski resort holidays you can take within the United States that will accommodate any budget. Most skiing destinations here are designed to offer very appealing top-quality services. The skiing atmosphere in the U.S. is highly rated by many skiers because of the expansive areas and impressive overall maintenance.

Places, where these can be found, are on the border of California/Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Vermont. Colorado has the highest number of ski resorts carrying various price tags. Some of the renowned ski resorts in Colorado are Steamboat Springs, Vail, Crested Butte, Breckenridge, Aspen and Beaver Creek.

Therefore, if you’re undecided about the type of ski resort accommodation you’d like to have, it is highly recommended that you think about visiting Colorado. Having a broad range of choice also means that you can decide on one or the other place based on whether status as a bargain, moderately priced accommodation or luxury deal.

If you are looking specifically for skiing destinations that will offer a bargain or reasonably priced option, then Breckenridge, Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs will interest you the most. Breckenridge is renowned for its gondola in the centre of town.

Crested Butte has the perfect setup for both skiing and snowboarding alongside its availability of a wide range of inexpensive food establishments. Steamboat Springs is famous for “Champagne Powder”, or very light snow. If you are looking to book a luxury deal, then Beaver Creek, Aspen and Vail will be at the top of your list.

These high-end destinations offer a range of services that, while pricey, are also all-inclusive, with white-glove conveniences and ski-in/out access.

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