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Paying taxes is a fact of life. The nuts and bolts of any federal, state or municipal taxation policy are some of the most valuable seeds which the wise woman plants in her garden of knowledge. The New Savvy’s income tax guide and tax tips for women will get you on the right path to understanding what kinds of taxes you pay, how to pay them and how to navigate the tax system so as to preserve and grow your hard-earned money – while, of course, remaining tax-compliant. The majority of us busy women have neither the time nor the patience to delve into the intricacies of income tax code. This guide is a compact manual of advice on filing your personal income tax return, including taking rebates, reliefs and deductions that will reduce your tax burden and save you money. Learn which tax bracket your income falls into and how your salary level will raise or lower the percentage of your gross income you’ll owe to the Internal Revenue Service. In particular, women are likely to experience life events that can change their taxation status overnight. Entering the job market, winning promotions in a career, marriage, motherhood, caring for elderly parents or death of a breadwinning spouse are factors that rattle our income level, affecting our tax obligation. It makes sense to prepare yourself to manage the taxation impact of life’s inevitable surprises. On its most fundamental level, this income tax guide will lead you through the maze of the when’s, where’s and how’s of income tax filing. It presents a great glossary with easy-to-understand definitions of the everyday vocabulary of the tax authorities. It also presents many of the red flags that individual investors may overlook while managing the growth of their money. For anyone working effectively within a well-planned financial strategy, knowledge of taxation policy is a “must”. Purchasing that condo property to supplement your paycheck with rental revenue may be a wonderful idea – but you’ll need to be aware of the taxation consequences before you sign those mortgage documents. Investing in a fast-growing sector of the stock market could bring you a financial windfall – but keep in mind that those capital gains will also be taxed! No matter what your age, your status or the life stage you are in, your first step to becoming a savvy taxpayer starts here with this income tax guide and tax tips. Get to know the ins and outs of income tax returns, deductions and reliefs, the effects which life changes have on your taxation status. Most important, learn how to avoid overpaying taxes, because you’re best situated to look out for your finances!

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