The Savvy Gifter – Make Him Happy Without Breaking the Bank

Men are often thrilled with the gifts their wives or girlfriends give them. Savvy women gifters do much more than hit the nail on the head with their choice of the perfect romantic present. They most often find the most perfect price that won’t break the bank! Their economical way of thinking keeps both the price tag and the valuable time they spend shopping for that optimal gift at a minimum.

The Savvy Gifter’s Romantic Gift for a Foodie

A savvy gifter can really please a foodie hubby with some delectable dishes that will win his heart and save money. One fabulous suggestion is to serve him breakfast in bed. You can whip up tasty lovey-dovey dishes in just 15-20 minutes that will cost you less than $10. You can prepare the famous “egg in a heart” or chocolate liqueur truffles. To put it in a nutshell, all you need is just chocolate, bacon, fruit, whipped cream and a whole lot of love to create beautiful and scrumptious romantic meals.

Shopping for these ingredients will be much less costly compared with the price you’d pay in a restaurant for the menu appealing to romantic couples. Another option might be the awe-inspiring scenic view at Marina Barrage. Here, you can fly kites and enjoy an intimate time together while having a picnic featuring lots of mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres. Once again, purchasing the ingredients for such appetisers will cost far less than dining out at an atmospheric French restaurant. Similarly, think of checking out the Southern Islands of St John’s Island, Kusu Island and Lazarus Island. These islands offer a seaside experience perfect for couples wanting to spend some intimate time loafing and enjoying a picnic.


The Savvy Gifter’s Romantic Gift for an Adventurer

As a savvy gifter, you might think it’s almost impossible to satisfy your adventurous spouse without overspending. Think again! There’s a wide array of options for you. If your spouse is adventurous and happens to love seafood, prawn fishing would be a perfect gift for him. Singaporeans love prawning since it only costs about $12-$18 per hour. You can save a lot of money with this activity gift because the equipment is included as part of the hourly rate. Alternatively, you and your spouse can go bicycling at Pulau Ubin. You can travel by ferry to this smallish remote island from Changi Point for just $5 per return ticket. Not only will you be able to spend an intimate time away from bustling city life, you’ll also be able to view some fascinating wildlife there.

The Savvy Gifter – Make Him Happy Without Breaking the Bank

The Savvy Gifter’s Romantic Gift for a Music Lover

This year, hold back on going out shopping for your partner’s favourite music albums and save money by choosing a savvier gift. The Esplanade’s laid-back Outdoor Theatre regularly presents lovely music for absolutely free. Your spouse will be thrilled with this since there are lots of live gigs representing various types of genres. It’s truly a musical paradise for all music lovers on a shoestring budget!


The Savvy Gifter’s Romantic Gift for an Art Lover

As a savvy gifter, you might well imagine treating your spouse to amazing experiences of art exploration without spending lots of time on shopping. Save money by visiting art galleries, museums or exhibitions which are often absolutely free. Moreover, you can probably find some delicious appetisers and quality drinks to make the experience truly elegant! If your spouse is an artist, you might like to try Art Jam. Arteastiq’s entertaining art sessions offer a beautiful evening of painting and wine for the relatively low price of $48 per person. You might end up creating a masterpiece which will become one of your spouse’s prize possessions.

Another similar event is Portraits After Dark. This event involves having portraits of you two as a couple drawn by a professional artist. These artists are sponsored by the Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC) every Friday at the Red Dot Museum. You can take your favourite portrait home for a very reasonable price of just $10. There are many ways to save a lot of money by not shopping for expensive artsy stuff!


The Savvy Gifter’s Gift for a Hard Worker

As a savvy gifter, are you stuck for what to buy for the spouse who is also married to his work? Thanks to online shopping, you can search for exactly that present that will be not only  physically perfect but also easy on your pocketbook. Some ideas for really ideal gifts include showpieces for his office desk. Desktop basketballs costing around USD 30 will motivate your spouse to reactivate his mind at the office.

There’s a traditional Singapore game that can be the perfect activity to keep in his office. It’s called Five Stones and costs only USD 18. Such a gift can help promote togetherness at the workplace. A mini gumball machine will turn your spouse into everyone’s favourite at the office. Just remind him to brush his teeth regularly and make a note to others as well to maintain proper dental hygiene. USB mug warmers may sound silly but an increasing number of office workers are complaining about their warm drinks cooling off too quickly. It stands to reason that your partner will just love mug warmers. Magnetic sculptures are fascinating inventions that can be heaps of fun to play with at the workplace. You can de-stress by creating different shapes with magnetic nuts.


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