With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season of giving. Whether you’re on a tight budget or even just looking for the perfect gift for a Secret Santa at work, here are some of the most affordable gifts you can get for friends and family: 

1. Perfumed Hand Cream Miniature set from Innisfree, $19

The New Savvy - Women - Christmas Gifts

With this miniature hand cream set, you can either gift it as a whole or give it to numerous people who dare not be seen without a hand cream in their purses. This set is inspired by scents from Jeju, South Korea.

The flavours are: Guesthouse Laundry, Sunshine wild berry, tangerine farm, small wedding bouquet, autumn rain and pink coral. Not only do they smell good but they are also made up of a unique formula that moisturises and replenishes the skin!

  1. Mini Teas & Tea Packs from T2, $10 each

The New Savvy - Women - Christmas Gifts 1

Family and friends are bound to come over to celebrate this holiday season. What better way to welcome them with a wide range of tea packs which boast flavours such as peachy Osmanthus Blossoms,  the exotic Tutti Fruity punch, and even the sleep tight, a lemon balm based tisane. T2, an Australian tea brand, opened its first Singapore location last year. 

  1. E-Gift cards from Sephora, from $20

The New Savvy - Women - Christmas Gifst 2

If you are clueless about the person you are giving a gift to or just want to keep some extra gifts in case a long-lost relative decides to show up, you will never go wrong with e-cards. Gift cards from Sephora start from $20 and come in many different designs!

With Sephora offering all-around beauty products from head to toe, you can be sure that these will be a hit with the lucky lady who receives them! What’s even better is that she can use the card online or at any of the physical boutiques located all over Singapore. After all, when it comes to practicality + gifts, cash will always be king (or queen in this case!).

  1. Handcrafted soap pack from Naiise, $14.36

The New Savvy - Women - Christmas Gifst 3

Local craft store, Naiise, specialises in a lot of novelties and little gadgets which make the perfect gifts. From pillows, planners and even soaps! You can always find great gifts for whatever occasion. 

This particular handcrafted soap pack is made up of ingredients such as rosemary and lemon that will not only make you smell fresh but allow you to relax this festive season. With its main ingredient being extra virgin olive oil, it is definitely moisturising and can protect your skin for the long run.

  1. Polar bear sleeping mask from the body shop, $8

The New Savvy - Women - Christmas Gifts 4

Everybody needs a little piece of relaxation in this hectic Singaporean way of life. If you know someone who is desperately in need of a holiday, yet, is unable to go this Christmas season, this is the perfect gift. 

Whether they’re sleep-deprived, stressed or just sensitive to light, this cute sleeping mask can definitely help your friends shut out the outside world and just concentrate on recuperating and having that much-needed beauty sleep.

  1. Work Smarter: Live Better notepad, $16.90

The New Savvy - Women - Christmas Gifts 5Planners and journals have been the most accessible gifts for generations. However, this notepad is unlike any other planner you have ever seen before. Designed in collaboration with productivity expert cyril peupion, this unique notepad enables you to focus on weekly tasks, be it professional or personal.

Through its layout, you are able to analyse and prioritise which tasks are the most important. Additionally, the availability of the “speak to list” can help you focus on who you need to talk to, be it over-the-phone or via emails. 

  1. Cuff, $9.90, by Charles & Keith

The New Savvy - Women - Christmas Gifts 6A perfect gift for the modern lady. This simple geometric cuff is the ideal gift for all women of all ages. Its polished and classic design makes it easy to pair with any outfit, be it for a grocery run or an international meeting, it is the perfect accessory!

At only S$9.90, you can buy a bundle of them to give to your best girlfriends! 

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