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Shopping is an inevitable budget line in every woman’s money management plan. It doesn’t matter whether you shop at the mall, downtown or online: there are temptations galore out there, just waiting to be bought. Approaching shopping in a healthy way starts with inserting a realistic figure in that budget line of our financial planning. The New Savvy provides smart shopping tips for women which emphasises that the key to building efficient and cost-conscious shopping habits is differentiating between wants and real needs, and then applying that knowledge to your spending activity. Learn how to figure out if an impending purchase makes sense within your overall monetary strategy. Shopping mistakes often correlate with overspending or a budget-busting splurge. Find out how to avoid those errors and develop positive lifelong shopping habits. Keeping spending under control without feeling that you’re depriving yourself is not difficult. Once a woman is cognizant of the value which any given “want” adds to her life, she can more easily decide whether to make that purchase. The New Savvy introduces lots of tips and tricks to grow your decision-making skills. Explore and analyse the virtual world of internet shopping. There are many purchase-driving triggers online, like pop-up ads, radio buttons screaming “Buy now!” and links to stores bursting with beautiful photos showing every opulent angle of any product. It’s not only online stores that appeal to spendthrifts. It’s lifestyle blogs, Pinterest, Facebook with all those retailers looking for followers, the promotional emails in the inbox. Approaching retail offers on the web with some common sense is often a matter of focus and efficient time management – easy to work on with the support of this shopping guide. For anyone who’s “sold” on internet shopping -- and there are plenty of fans out there-there are heaps of tips to save money on online shopping and time on postage/handling, product returns and, by comparison, shopping. Learn the ropes about the convenient features that technology has to offer, and shave the dollars off your online order. Tips on squeezing the last bit of value from your purchases are always great to know. The intelligent woman compares price-tag to value while shopping, and, if necessary, waits for the sales. Responsibly-minded women buy food in reasonable quantities so that none goes to waste in the bin or as a mouldy mess in the fridge. In-the-know women buy generic rather than brand-name medications. Bold women become expert negotiators with service providers who may lower their initial rates because they’re dead-set on keeping you as their customer. In offering insightful advice on smart shopping, The New Savvy invites women to tackle their overspending and impulse buying. Many of the tips offered here can help modify a woman’s shopping behaviour. Understanding what compels us to want to buy is half the battle, and understanding how to get value for our money is the other. The New Savvy will show you the way to more efficient, money-saving shopping guide.

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