New Apartment Checklist#1: Furniture

  • What you must buy:
    It’s recommended that you act on this only after you’ve moved to the new apartment in order to avoid potential damage to the furniture. Transporting furniture from one place to another carries with it the risk of breaking the furniture.

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New Apartment Checklist#2: Miscellaneous Items

  • Tally up everything you’ll need for your new apartment in terms of supplies. Things such as brooms, tools, boxes, bubble wrap, detergent… all of the items for the upkeep and maintenance of your new apartment, as well as for the move. It is recommended that you do not buy all the items directly related to the move until you’re in the new apartment as these things can take up quite a lot of space.

New Apartment Checklist#3: Decoration

To-Do List

  • Inform your current landlord of your intent to move out through a written document. Some landlords require you to pay rent for a fixed amount of time so be wary of it. This is known as a fixed-term lease and breaking it before the agreed period of time concludes, can result in heavy penalties for the tenant.
  • Schedule an exit walk-through with your landlord.
  • Clean your apartment. If possible, leave it in the same condition as it was when handed to you. This is expected by landlords.
  • Take photos of everything. Be as thorough and as meticulous as possible. Your landlord may choose to claim you damaged the property. This will prove you didn’t.
  • Do the exit walk-through.
  • Transfer utility accounts.
  • Submit a change of address form with all relevant parties.

Infographic: Buying Private Property In Singapore

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