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5 Points to Consider Before Renovating Your Home

April 13, 2017 // 0 Comments

If you are buying a new flat, it is essential to set aside an additional S$50,000 to S$80,000 to renovate it according to your tastes. Those who have lived in the same house

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own Real Estate

March 25, 2017 // 0 Comments

For some, acquiring real estate is a sign of financial stability, and for others, it is an excellent investment in the long run, thanks to the appreciation it accumulates

Purchasing property or property investing, such as a house, flat or even land, is a fine investment opportunity for women. Real estate has been proven to rise consistently in value over the long run. Savvy women take their financial strategy one step further and invest in real estate that will also bring in a regular income from the rent they charge tenants. This guide will help you discover if you’re ready to be a property owner. It has loads of tips on saving up for the downpayment, getting a mortgage, the step-by-step process involved in buying a house and how to make money from the property you own.

The real estate market may represent a new venture for many women. Property purchase often brings to mind a beautiful house of your own that you call “home”. In this day and age, however, property purchase doesn’t mean that you need to reside in your purchased property or even stay put in the same city. You can make a good deal of money from buying residential, commercial or even industrial property that you rent out while the property value rises until you decide to sell it again.

Check out The New Savvy’s property guide to learn about the various types of residential property, everything from houses to condos, flats, bungalows and terrace houses. Take a look at the rental income opportunities of office space, or a home which you can let to tenants looking for long-term leases. Buying up vacant land and offering it for development projects can be like a gold mine in terms of return on investment.

Real estate financing, mortgages, buying vs. renting and property investing issues are hot topics in business news nowadays. Financing the biggest purchase of your life in a receptive market may be one of the best uses of your money that you’ll ever make. Be sure the property you are considering buying is a wise investment by looking closely at the location and projected future development of the surrounding area. Learn about the financial ramifications of working with real estate agents, and how to get the very best deal when shopping around for a mortgage.

Not only will The New Savvy equip you to perform productively and profitably within the current market; it will also help you analyse how the long-term real estate situation may develop. Learn what factors influence property values, how to decide when to buy (or sell), and what you can afford to borrow for a loan. It’s never too early to start considering the when’s, where’s and how’s of real estate investment. Sweep the cobwebs off your dusty real estate knowledge with The New Savvy’s property investing and real estate guide. You may wake up one morning and just know that the time is right to buy property, and you’ll be ready!

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