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Most women have at least one credit card, no matter whether they are deeply connected to their own financial interests or not. Credit cards are a fact of modern-day consumer life. They are also a big revenue generator for financial institutions. The New Savvy explores credit cards from top to bottom, from how to identify and apply for the right one for you, to discussions about interest and fees, and rewards programmes that offer benefits. We provide credit card guide like how to use a credit card wisely, to a woman’s advantage and in keeping with her overall financial plan. Given the minimum eligibility requirements to open an account, it’s smart to handle your money prudently before even receiving that plastic. Credit card balances are essentially debts and good spending habits will help keep that debt in check. The New Savvy credit card guide and tips illuminate some common missteps that can damage a woman’s financial record. Credit card debt is the go-to barometer for credit-rating companies whose assessment of your creditworthiness can make or break your next application for a mortgage or car loan. So it’s critical to keep your rating high! Make payments on time, don’t miss payments and stay below a recommended balance level relative to your income. Using credit cards has a slew of advantages, too. It’s not just about easy internet shopping. It’s about getting the extra value of travel rewards, travel insurance, purchase protection in case of return and fraud protection, releasing the card holder from liability in case of a security breach. A credit card is also the ideal vehicle – when used with intelligence and planning – to build a positive credit rating and boost that all-important credit score. For anyone looking for that all-important first credit card, or just wanting to lower their current fees and increase benefits by changing to a new financial institution, there’s plenty of advice on how to proceed. Here are the tips you need to shop around for acceptable credit limits and fee structures. No one wants to rack up excessive charges like late-payment or cash advance fees. Thinking ahead is a huge plus when considering whether a card will charge a credit limit increase fee, an initial transaction one-time processing fee, an authorised user participation fee to add a second user to your account or a fee to receive printed statements by mail. Learn how to make a credit card work overtime for your own personal situation, whether you frequently travel the world, drive thousands of kilometres each month or make expensive purchases that can be eligible for price rewinds. The New Savvy is your go-to advice credit card guide on prudent credit card use. Follow our suggestions and you’ll find yourself in a good place.

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