This car buying guide and tips for women will help you shift into the fast lane, whether you’re out to buy a car, maintain the one you’ve already got, take out a car loan or check out car insurance offerings on the market. A car is an expensive purchase. Take this guide’s good advice, and your wheels won’t land you in the poorhouse! With a bit of planning and business acumen, you can get a great deal on a new or used car, ensure that it’s in fine running order and save on regular monthly costs. You’ll have comfortable, reliable transportation plus more money in your pocket. This guide is indispensable for women shopping around for their first car. There are plenty of taxes, registration fees and inspection charges that car-owners get hit with. As part of a sensible budget plan, it’s important to understand what all these entail before you buy. This car buying handbook, offering glossary-like sections that will help you decipher all the fine print in a purchase contract also sheds light on each and every cost associated with buying that beautiful 4-wheeled ride down at the dealership. Awareness is the first step in becoming a savvy car owner. Taking smart action is the next. The tips in this car-buying guide for women will empower and motivate you – especially if you want to get the best possible deal. Learn how to negotiate with private sellers and dealers to get the most value for your money. Shop around for a car loan. Identifying the best conditions and interest rates now means that your shiny new wheels won’t break the bank five years down the road. For all those women who already own a car, The New Savvy presents a plethora of tips that can help you manage car expenses more efficiently. Check out the list of competitively priced workshops that can shave the cost of some of those maintenance expenses. Take some good advice and browse the web for new, cheaper insurance when your current policy expires. The process of buying car insurance may appear to be a veritable jungle, but never fear! This car buying guide for women speaks your language with concise definitions and examples of terms like the No-Claim Bonus, Co-insurance and OPC Cars. Or if the policy you now hold seems like a jumble of confusing words, enlighten yourself with The New Savvy’s tips. Whether it is a car purchase, sale, maintenance issue or insurance purchase, trust The New Savvy to address it and make sure you’re getting the most value for your money out of your automobile.

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