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SPEND is the intelligent women’s guide to smart spending , budgeting and saving money. Remember that we women hold the reins for many decisions that involve spending. We pay rent. We buy new cars and take out insurance. We pay taxes. We own credit cards and most women like to use them. These are big-ticket life essentials requiring smart budgeting so that there’s money left to enjoy the fun parts of life. The sections Property, Car, Taxes and Credit Card cover everything the smart woman needs to know! SPEND enables wise decision-making with its wide range of articles by experts. The goal is to show women how they can save money. The guides are written in simple and sensible language and the learning is fun. It’s all based on real-life scenarios, many of which women experience every day. Property examines the market concerning investment opportunities as well as home or business space purchases. This property investing and real estate guide for women runs the gamut in its variety of discussions. The New Savvy knows that real estate financing, mortgages, buying vs. renting and first-hand descriptions of property types are hot topics these days. Property helps women get a grip on the current and future real estate markets in a jiffy. Car is the go-to place for advice on wheels. The car-buying guide and tips for women is a non plus ultra volume of recommendations on how to find a suitable car, how to ensure it’s in good working order, how to finance a new car purchase and how to shop for car insurance. Interesting facts and figures about the automobile business make this a resource that every savvy woman will find applicable to her own lifestyle. Taxes prepares women for the inevitable. Paying taxes is one of the few certainties in life. Knowing the significant ins and outs of the internal revenue system not only protects women’s hard-earned income. It also raises awareness of the effect taxes have on lower and higher income levels. As an income tax guide and tax tips for women, Taxes speaks to specific situations in the many different roles that today’s women play: single earner or primary breadwinner, part-time earner or non-earning spouse. Taxes also offers tips on filling out tax return forms. Credit Card management is not always easy. This credit card guide and tips for women are a must-read for anyone choosing a credit card, or keeping an eye on balances, or reading a statement. Get some great tips from the experts, maximise the benefits of a credit card account, and manage the credit wisely.

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