A few weeks after signing up for IG Asia’s newest trading platform, Yasmine Khater, Founder of VSStory, has familiarised herself better with the key features that make IG different from the rest of the online trading platforms available.

Yasmine has also agreed to show us screenshots of her own experience using the platform. After all, her company focuses on vision strategy and storytelling. So what is a story without a few pictures?

The New Savvy: How has the experience of trading on IG Asia been for you?

Yasmine: When I first started using the IG account, it was a bit clunky because it is very different than the other platforms I have used.

A week into using it, they reached out to help all new users to navigate the platform which was super helpful.

And once I started to let go of the expectation of what a trading platform should look like, I found the IG platform quite intuitive. Its user experience is very much just like using google, except that it is in the IG platform and it automatically saves your tabs for you.

The New Savvy: Do you think that IG’s trading platform offers a wide range of markets?

Yasmine: IG Asia platforms have access to over 15,000 markets, so if you look at the left-hand side upon logging in to your account, you can see a wide range of assets including Indices, FX, Crypto, Shares, Commodities, and ETFs.

The New Savvy: What are the best features of the platform you would recommend?


Demo Account

I think one of the best features of IG Asia is the demo account. It offers anyone who is curious about trading to try it out free-of-charge first before actual trading using the platform. On top of that, they give you $200,000 virtual credits to play around with the features.

As a younger investor, I thought it was cool because it allowed me to try out trades in quantities that I may not do with my own money. That allowed me to practice different trading strategies and explore the various options available on the IG platform before I put in real monies.


What I found super cool about the IG platform, is that they not only have user-friendly tools, but they have the most amazing academy that really disseminates some of the teachings into bite-size online classes which are as short as 4 minutes.

Drag and Drop – Tab System

What I love about IG is I can literally analyze everything and is pretty much like having a google document with multi tabs whether I am analyzing ETFs, equity or crypto.

Everything in my workspace is customizable, from the color, a number of charts, insights and more. This is amazing because you can set up your parameters attune to your needs, giving me the ease of use and saving a lot of time when I need to trade

Research Insights

I found the dynamic charts, tools, a wide range of analytics, tools and research pretty awesome. Research articles are updated daily, so you can keep yourself updated with the relevant market news before planning your trades.

Full trading history

Currently, my investments are on several trading platforms with the one platform focused on a portfolio

For example, as 10% of my portfolio is in crypto and I have to use another platform, I manually have a spreadsheet to track my trading history. With IG’s access to multiple markets and types of investment on the same platform, this was super easy to see my portfolio overview and it cuts out a few hours each month for me.

The New Savvy: How long did it take before you became profitable?

Yasmine: My trading strategy is to hold for a long time, so right now the markets are moving a lot. I have also done my analysis of what I wanted to buy before using IG so these are investments I have already analyzed for months.

With that being said, because of the features of being able to buy at certain price points, I was able to buy when the market was a bit lower and I am up by 1000$.

The New Savvy: Do you think that people with no experience in the industry still be able to trade profitably?

Yasmine: I think for people who have no experience, you need to do your homework and also not expect to become rich overnight.

Trading needs discipline and time to get better and every investor I have met has lost money with emotional choices.

The key is to diversify your investment strategy.

The New Savvy: Does an individual’s trading style matter?

Yasmine: I would say, there are various types. There are some people who are FX traders who monitor the market daily. But I would rather trade into a company which I like and would want to own a part of it.

The New Savvy: Do you think that the trading tools are too sophisticated?

Yasmine: I think the trading tools exist so you can explore and try to understand more about what you are buying. Think about it, when you are buying a house, you don’t just pick the first thing you see.

Same with trading, you need to research and better understand what you are getting yourself into.

The New Savvy: How often do you test trading?

Yasmine: I have been testing on a weekly basis as my work week is pretty crazy. So I played around on the Sundays.

The New Savvy: Previously, you mentioned that you have other online trading platforms, what would you say is the biggest difference between trading on IG and investing on the other platforms?

I would say the biggest difference is the drag and drop function. It’s super cool.

The New Savvy: In your own words, how do you think trading can help in today’s markets?

Yasmine: I think trading is a powerful tool to help build your wealth, and because jobs are unstable. It’s a great opportunity to diversify your income stream.

The New Savvy: Do you think volatility is prevalent in today’s markets? Why or why not?

Yasmine: I think the history of economics has shown that markets need to be volatile, and it’s good for trading because once it is, it gives you a lot of opportunities to leverage on the market conditions.

Stay tuned for Yasmine’s final conclusion for the IG trading platform that will hopefully help you decide if you want to try the platform out yourself!

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