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To inspire women and highlight the importance of financial management, The New Savvy launches #SavvyUpTogether - featuring 6 women and 6 financial experts on a year-long journey to achieve their 2018 financial goals. Savvy Up Together hopes to empower women of all backgrounds to change their perspectives on finances. The 6 women will each be paired up with the financial experts, who will provide reliable feedback and guidance to help the participants. Click here to view:  #SavvyUpTogether Media Deck Throughout the year, the participants will commit to monthly check-ins, quarterly updates & 2 meetups minimally. The New Savvy team and financial experts will ensure that the women are making progress towards their goals via monthly check-ins. Articles will be posted quarterly to give the public insight into their journeys. In December, participants will reflect on the changes in their financial mindsets and the insights they have learnt. The participants will be able to explore better financial options and opportunities but also inspire other women who:

  • Want to start on managing their finances but are unsure on how and where to begin
  • Desire change in their financial situations but lack directions
  • Need motivation in improving their relationship with money
  • Are looking to sharpen their financial management skills
The Savvy Up Together participants were personally invited based on their diverse backgrounds and financial standings; to reach a large span of individuals. The women range from an M.Sc graduate, new mother to an entrepreneur and marketing executive. All financial experts are well-established and leading local financial bloggers. The New Savvy kicked the Savvy Up Together journey with an introductory dinner at Kara cafe, on the 7th of February 2018. They unveiled the different objectives and goals set by the women and the pairing with the respective financial experts. Savvy Up Together marks the first year-long project of The New Savvy, in line with our vision of “empowering 100 million women to achieve financial happiness”. We aim to help women achieve consistent financial progress, cultivate healthy financial habits, and increase knowledge and self-reliance when it comes to making financial decisions. Savvy Up Together

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