Whether you're saving your hard-earned dough for a future holiday, to protect your family's future or even planning for your retirement, we all want our money to go further. Investing your money can seem overwhelming but the truth is, sometimes, making your money work for you doesn't have to be so daunting.
You may have casually overheard about equities, or you may have started reading in hopes to delve deeper into the subject of equity investing. Buying and selling equities is not as complicated as it appears – with a few simple tips and jargon busting you can be on your way to making your first equity investment and more!

What Are Equities?

An equity is part ownership of a company; the more equity you have, the greater your ownership you have in the business. Owning equities gives you access to the company's profits and assets.
When you own equity in a company, you are known as a shareholder in that company. The terms stocks, shares and equities all mean the same thing – the word used varies depending on geographic location.