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Everyone can use a bit of extra cash at some point in their adult life. Maybe the economy’s at a low point or the credit card balance at a high one. Regardless of whether you’re steadily employed, starting up your own business or just looking to boost the cocktail-hour budget of your vacation funds, there are heaps of ways to earn money quickly and easily.

Depending on your skill set or other resources you have to offer, you could become an interim service provider or even property supplier! In these days of high-tech systems like online social media, Web 2.0 and email, it’s easy to find a side gig that works for you.

Flexible Side Gigs To Make Extra Money – Derived from the Sharing Economy

Going head to head with high costs without much of a rise in one’s main place of employment has led to the development of the sharing economy concept. If you have your own car, you can rent it out to people for a fixed period based on hours, days, months or even years.

Online platforms like Getaround can help you do this. If you love your car too much to have strangers driving it, and in the worst-case scenario, damaging it, you can alternatively make extra money by offering to drive people with your car to their destinations. You could join the company Lyft to offer such services. Did you know that the successful entrepreneur Lori Cheek rented out her New York apartment to earn some extra money?

You could rent out your apartment, for example, on the Airbnb site. If you don’t want to rent out your own place, maybe you have a friend who might want to since he or she is constantly out of town. In this case, maybe you could earn a commission as an agent handling the responsibilities of your friend’s rented apartment while he or she is gone.

Do you have a tendency to keep old appliances that still function well but that you’ve replaced for your own use with new and better versions? If so, you can rent out your old items to people who need them urgently. Online websites like Zilok can help you make such items available to people who are looking for them.

Who hasn’t heard of eBay? You can use eBay to sell unwanted items you wish to part with forever. Selling through eBay increases your chances of achieving a higher price for your product. Plus, on eBay, your product will be sold off relatively quickly.

Flexible Side Gigs To Make Extra Money – Based on Working with an Organisation

Organisations may be willing to hire you if you have skills up your sleeve that they’re looking for. Hiring individuals online save an organisation the expense of having to use the more conventional face-to-face method. You can make extra money by joining an online jury.

The online jury system has an added attraction of allowing the everyday public to express an unbiased point of view. Your perspectives can be used to determine whether a suspect is guilty or not. Organisations are also willing to hire you if you’re qualified to do consulting work for them.

This is particularly true for startup organisations as they generally have a low level of capital, and hiring people via renowned consultancy firms would consume a large portion of their resources.

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Flexible Side Gigs To Make Extra Money – Involving Kids

You can make extra money by tutoring kids of all ages. You can tutor them at their home or in your own space. If you love sharing knowledge, you’ll love earning extra money this way. Kids are adorable, so you might even want to babysit them or run your own day-care centre at home. What could be better than getting paid for spending time with loveable children?

Flexible Side Gigs To Make Extra Money – Involving Pets

Are you an animal lover who loves spending time with pets? Then being a pet sitter would be a delight for you, especially if it brings in extra money!

Flexible Side Gigs To Make Extra Money – In Sales

Many organisations are looking to hire you to help them sell their products, meaning you could be in a position to make some extra money through commissions from your sales. Organisations like eBay regularly require a middleman to sell a product on the eBay platform. Salehoo is a website through which you can take on this middleman role.

Another way you can make extra money is by becoming a mystery shopper. Platforms like Jancyn recruit mystery shoppers for various retailers. As a mystery shopper, you’re expected to test various products and services from many companies and provide a report about them to the organisation that recruited you.

This will help the contracting organisation to improve its own products and services. You can even sell companies’ products directly while running your own everyday errands. For instance, you might convince the other mothers at your kids’ school to buy the newest makeup products, household accessories and so on.

Flexible Side Gigs To Make Extra Money – Using Marketing Skills

Your marketing skills will always be in demand in business. You can earn extra money by affiliate marketing. In this role, you have to convince consumers to purchase a product or service of the company you’re representing. If they do decide to make a purchase, they must do so using a code unique to you that lets the company know that you were the successful salesperson.

This enables you to earn a percentage on that sale. Another idea is to start a focus group for an organisation. This allows you to promote the organisation’s products and services to consumers. Other ways of promoting are blogging and article marketing if you’re good at writing.

Flexible Side Gigs To Make Extra Money – Using Domestic Skills

Domestic services can help you earn extra money. You can offer your services in areas like landscaping, gardening, lawn mowing and interior decorating.

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