How To Earn More Money On The Side 

If ever-increasing prices and inflation have got you down, pull yourself back up with some extra income! There are times when a regular nine-to-five job just doesn’t pay the bills like you wish it would. Perhaps you’re saving up to buy a car, or maybe a birthday or Christmas is approaching and the wish-lists are extra-big this year.

Supplement your regular paycheck with earnings from casual freelance activities, your own self-initiated marketing and sales and much more.

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Earn Money on the Side by Freelancing

You can readily earn some money on the side by freelancing. The decline in the economy is driving many organisations to look for part-time outside support to complete specific assignments. Hiring freelancers save organisations some money since there’s less of a need to set up an office with supplies and fewer overheads.

This is why you might even end up with a lot more income for a particular assignment than what you would have earned in a full-time position doing the same thing on an hourly basis. What do you need to have to be a freelancer? Just some highly sought-after skills like coding, website design, graphic design, content writing, administrative skills or public relations.

To connect with contractors globally try online platforms like To connect with regional contractors only, is considered to be the best platform in Singapore. Sometimes freelancing platforms charge a small fee to join up; others may be completely free. To be most effective in your freelancing endeavours, learn as much as you can about the freelance market before joining.

Earn Money on the Side by Selling Items on Carousell or at Flea Markets

Do you have a lot of things lying around your house that you haven’t really used or probably won’t ever use? You perhaps bought these on impulse or maybe because they were a fad at the time. If so, get ready to earn yourself some money on the side by selling these items.

You can sell your stuff at flea markets. No, flea markets are neither for nor made by fleas as the name suggests! It’s a marketplace where you can easily sell your items at bargain rates. If you love creating things of your own, then you can also sell your own products there. In fact, this is the most popular approach taken by new, young and vibrant Singaporean entrepreneurs.

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A diverse range of consumers looking to purchase inexpensive and unique items are always attracted to flea markets. Your items will sell rapidly, for sure! Some renowned flea markets in Singapore are SubMarket!, Zouk Flea and Easy Market and Lime Flea Market. There are many more.

If you aren’t crazy about the idea of selling through personal face-to-face interactions, you can turn to Carousell. Carousell is a free smartphone application enabling you to sell your stuff directly to an individual just as you might do in a regular marketplace. Carousell is considered to be the #1 virtual marketplace in Singapore.

Getting your item displayed for sale on Carousell is as simple as if you were taking a photo and uploading it to Facebook. You’ll just need to take about thirty seconds to prepare a listing for each item you’ll be selling. To prepare the listing, take a good quality photo of the item, write some detailed information about the product and set a reasonable asking price.

It’s crucial that you look through the Carousell marketplace beforehand to get an idea of how your competitors set their pricing. Keep your prices similar so that your items get sold quickly.

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Earn Money on the Side by Tutoring Students

Tutoring students is a favourite money-earner because it allows you to gain a bit of knowledge yourself while earning money on the side. Students of many different levels, from primary school to college, may be looking for a tutor. Struggling university students may even require tutoring.

The best aspect of tutoring in terms of earning money is that you can tutor many different people within a regular fixed time period. If you can offer a suitable setting for a spacious room, either rented or your own, you can earn more money than your full-time job yields on an hourly basis.

Before setting a tuition rate, it’s imperative that you explore the job market and bid based on your skills and experience. Another perk of tutoring is that it makes a big impression as work experience in many different job fields when included on your resume. A popular portal for finding tutoring jobs in Singapore is

Earn Money on the Side through Crafts

Your artistic talents can lead you to earn more money on the side if you love to indulge in doing arts and crafts. You might be good at weaving baskets, creating biodegradable items, producing safe items for babies or making your own range of jewellery.

As mentioned, your personally crafted items can be easily sold at flea markets. Apart from this, you can sell your crafted items online and deliver them to your buyers. This is more than possible these days thanks to effective marketing platforms.

Your crafts can be promoted online through social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube tutorials and personal blogs. These promotional methods appeal not only to customers but also to organisations who might decide to invest in hiring you.

If you set up personal blogs or YouTube tutorials, you might gain a lot of traffic to your sites that way too. This can get you advertisement sponsorships which might lead to additional income in addition to what you’re already earning by selling the items online!

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