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A regular commitment to stow away money in a savings account is one of the most positive decisions a woman can make. There are many ways to save, in different types of accounts and with different goals. The New Savvy shows how to increase your savings and cash reserve, and how to nail your personal regular savings programme. This savings guide and investment advice for women highlight the myriad ways to go about creating a growth-oriented savings strategy and achieve your personal goals. A simple bank-sponsored savings account is a fine starting point. The trouble is, the relatively low-interest rate that banks offer can get frustrating while that money’s slowly accruing. Perhaps it’s time to shift your savings planning into an investment-fund mode or an educational savings scheme. A sensible step anywhere along a woman’s timeline is to start regularly depositing into a retirement account. One significant advantage of all regular savings methods is the compounding of interest on the regularly-growing assets. For example, if you put $2000 into an account with a 5% annual interest rate, there will be $100 earned in interest in the course of the first year. During that first year, the additional $100 also starts earning interest, as will the interest on that interest. Watch your money work for you, without lifting a finger. The same thing goes for the dividends which equities investments pay out. Assign an auto-reinvest function, and your investment will grow silently but surely. An important facet of saving money is the contribution that every working woman makes into regulated government entitlement schemes. Get a handle early on about what to expect. Some countries, for example, Singapore with its Central Provident Fund, have expanded the benefits of their safety-net to include healthcare, home ownership and asset enhancement in addition to the original retirement benefits. If you’re not yet a saver and are keen on climbing over that fence into greener pastures, The New Savvy offers effective motivational support and ideas to get you started. Set up automatic transfers to make regular deposits into your account. Identify potential sources of supplementary income you can earmark for saving. Take The New Savvy’s advice, and put your financial ducks in a row by evaluating your money management practices and creating a long-term plan that includes, at least, a commitment of a small monthly sum to savings. Consider carefully all the options that various types of accounts offer, choose wisely and stick to your plan. And watch your money grow.

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