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Retirement Planning & Advice for Women The New Savvy presents sound advice on retirement planning. Women need to set their retirement goals early and plan accordingly with a realistic savings plan. We offer tips on how to calculate how much you’ll need in retirement, as well as ideas on how to guarantee your retirement funding. There’s also a wealth of information tailored for married women about the most efficient ways to communicate with spouses regarding retirement planning. Planning for retirement is rapidly becoming a lifelong undertaking. As life expectancy rises, we can all expect to enjoy a longer retirement than generations who came before us. A longer retirement can mean an extended and more expensive life. As one’s health situation inevitably changes, medical expenses rise. It follows that retirement planning needs to start early. This retirement planning advice, loaded with tips for women, will show you how to calculate how much you’ll need to save to live a comfortable retirement in a lifestyle of your choice – even if retirement is still 50 years down the road. Long-term thinking is the key to success. There’s a multitude of retirement savings vehicles available. Annuity plans, government-sponsored retirement schemes and tax-favoured market investment plans are all part of the mix. Not only does this smart guide explain these in everyday language; we update it regularly to fill our readers in on regional trends in pension legislation and taxation laws that may directly affect retirees. The New Savvy supports you every step of the way, not only with optimal financial tools including a fantastic retirement calculator but also with ideas on evaluating your current lifestyle to help project how you’d like your retirement years to look. Dig deep and let some important questions swirl around inside you in the meantime about whether you might want to retire in the city or the country. Whether you'd want an active retirement travelling the world or the chance just to put up your feet and relax at home; whether your retirement might present the opportunity to work as a freelancer and help bolster your budget. This is a comprehensive handbook on retirement planning. We examine the minutiae of the elements required for realistic planning and take everything to the next level, offering suggestions to help you set your course to meet that retirement goal. Start now to maximise every penny you put towards retirement with smart investment choices. Start, with the help of The New Savvy retirement guide, to dive into conversations with your family, friends and financial advisor about how you envision your later years. The New Savvy gives you the parameters you need to set a financial retirement goal and the methods to go about pursuing it.

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