Do you know that you and close to 2 million Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are, as of 1 April 2021, covered for up to S$70,000 in the event of death, terminal illness (TI) and total permanent disability (TPD) under the enhanced Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS)

DPS is a term life insurance scheme for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents between age 16 and 65, which is currently solely administered by Great Eastern. This coverage is automatically extended to you if you are between age 21 and 65 and upon your first valid CPF working contribution. If you are between age 16 and 65, and was not extended a DPS cover automatically, you can sign up for the scheme directly with Great Eastern to enjoy the coverage.  To find out more, simply start a Whatapp chat with Great Eastern by scanning the below QR code or through Great Eastern’s dedicated DPS channels.

But before you do that, here’s a shout-out of the five bigger and better benefits of the enhanced DPS scheme that you will be happy to know:

Higher coverage at attractive premiums from S$18 per year, maximum age extended to age 65

If you are a DPS member aged 34 years and below, you only need to pay a yearly premium of S$18 for a S$70,000 coverage or payout which is 1.5 times more from the previous S$46,000, if you pass away, or suffer from TI or TPD. 

The maximum age of coverage for DPS has also been extended from age 60 to age 65 so that more Singaporeans in this age group can be protected with S$55,000 coverage. 

The table below shows you the updated yearly premiums based on age last birthday. 

(Last birthday)
Yearly Premium for S$70,000 sum assured (From 1 April 2021)
34 years and below S$18
35 – 39 years S$30
40 – 44 years S$50
45 – 49 years S$93
50 – 54 years S$188
55 – 59 years S$298
60 – 64 years S$298 (for sum assured of$55,000)

No need for out-of-pocket cash to get yourself protected


You can use your CPF savings to pay your yearly premiums as long as there are sufficient funds in your CPF. The yearly premiums will be deducted from your Ordinary Account (OA). Premiums will only be deducted from your Special Account if you don’t have sufficient funds in your OA. 

Get perks and rewards while being protected as a DPS member


Good news! You can enjoy a wide range of benefits available through Great Eastern’s GoGreat Programme and even more when you download Great Eastern’s rewards app, UPGREAT which is free for all to use. UPGREAT is a rewards platform that allows all to enjoy greater deals and offers every day.

Here are the perks and rewards of the GoGreat Programme for you to enjoy:  

  • Special deals worth over S$2,000 from your favourite brands and retailers which you can redeem via UPGREAT app by downloading the App on the Apple AppStore for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users
  • Birthday rewards and access to health and wellness programmes, with incentives to stay fit and healthy
  • Stress-test your financial health and plans by simulating your various life stages with our innovative financial storyboard to lifeproof your future. You can do this with our financial representative who will help to map your financial journey at every life stage 

Special deal for extra coverage up to S$500,000


While the DPS scheme provides basic coverage against death, TI and TPD, you can also choose to seek higher coverage with a term insurance plan like Great Eastern’s GoGreat Term Life. Term insurance policies work in basically the same way as DPS, except you can choose the amount of payout you want, and your premiums will be adjusted correspondingly.

What’s more, if you are a DPS member aged 40 and below, you can purchase additional coverage via Great Eastern’s GoGreat Term Life, which offers one of the lowest term premiums for as low as S$0.35 a day with up to S$500,000 coverage

If you are a DPS member aged 41 and above and seeking more coverage, Great Eastern’s financial representatives will help provide financial advice and recommend suitable plans that fit your needs. 

Download Great Eastern App to get all your plan information at your fingertips


With the Great Eastern App, you can conveniently access your DPS policy information and other insurance plans anytime, anywhere on your mobile. You can download the App on both the Apple AppStore for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

CPF Board rolled out the DPS scheme to ensure that Singaporeans and their family members are covered by affordable insurance in case of death, TI and TPD. If you want these benefits but are still not on this scheme, get onboarded now!

This article is sponsored by Great Eastern.

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