It’s a fact: weddings tend to be expensive. There are, however, clever ways to reduce its would-be cost, without sacrificing quality and class. We asked some wedding coordinators for their wedding budget hacks – so you can have your dream wedding, without breaking the bank:

1. Choose an already pretty spot.

If you already have your wedding theme ready, be on the lookout for venues that fit the theme, or require minimal dressing-up. Where you have the wedding often drives up the cost, so if it makes up a huge part of your budget, it should already come with the bells and whistles (such as tables, chairs, a kitchen etc) and require minimal production design.

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2. Better yet, choose a free or low-cost location.

Many couples now choose to have their wedding or reception at non-traditional yet sentimental venues – like their parents’ backyard or nearby parks. Choose offbeat locations that have meaning for you, not just to save, but to give your wedding a special touch.

3. Reuse flowers and décor.

Ceremonies and receptions are usually a drive away from each other, so couples tend to dress up in both venues. Why not arrange with your coordinator or stylist to use the same décor and flowers used in church? It requires some coordination and a little extra time, but that also means your décor will work double time.

4. Keep the program short and sweet.

The New Savvy - Finance - Wedding Costs FIAdmit it: weddings are a joy, but we all dread the long and dragging wedding program. Lights, sounds, and wedding hosts can charge by the hour, so the longer your program is, the more expensive it will be, too. Keep it short and sweet, and get yourselves on the dance floor to celebrate!

5. Reach out to budding, but qualified talents.

Famous hosts, photographers, and wedding suppliers have made their mark in the wedding scene, and that often comes at a cost. Do look out for upcoming talents (and perhaps even friends or relatives) who can do the job, or who have a body of work that fits your taste and wedding theme.

6. Host it during the daytime.

Simply hosting a daytime wedding cuts down on expense. You don’t need to serve a full bar during the daytime (champagne will do!), and daytime menu options are generally more affordable than a dinner reception as well.

7. Hire a day-of wedding coordinator.

Wedding coordinators make wedding planning a breeze, but don’t think you can’t do it on your own if the budget doesn’t permit. You can leverage other people in helping you plan (that’s what friends and relatives are for!) then just hire a coordinator on the day of the wedding to make sure everything runs just as you planned.

8. Don’t offer endless alcohol options.

While it may be a tempting to spoil your guests with a lot of options at the bar, a selection of beer, wine and perhaps a signature cocktail is fine. A limited bar will not only help you save – it will help your guests control their alcohol intake as well.The New Savvy - Finance - Wedding Costs

9. Doing a buffet? Serve the guests in line.

Wedding guests often scoop bigger portions than they can finish, leading to waste. Ask your vendor to have someone there to serve guests and you can cut down on portions, therefore saving on not only the amount of food needed but also on the amount of food waste!

10. Last but not the least – think about your larger financial future.

All couples want their wedding to be as grand as they envisioned it to be, but having a budget and sticking to it is always the wiser decision. Think about it – wouldn’t it be nice to start planning your financial future after the wedding, instead of worrying about what you spent?


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