Overseas Ambassadors – Malaysia

Chapter Lead: Priscilla Lim

Priscilla Lim, Malaysia Ambassador The New Savvy

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Priscilla is the Malaysia Chief Ambassador of The New Savvy.

Priscilla has 7 years of financial industry experience in both Malaysia and Singapore. She is adept at wealth management and relationship building.

After 2.5 years working in Singapore banks, Priscilla decides to move back to Malaysia and pursue her passions. She is the current CEO of FatBerry, Malaysia’s first Online General Insurance Marketplace. She also founded Story & Matter, an event planning company focusing on wedding styling. Priscilla graduated from a Malaysia University with a degree in Mass Communications, majoring in Public Relations.

Priscilla believes in constantly pushing herself and creating realistic plans. To her, work should be a passion, not just a means to an end. Hence, Priscilla believes that every woman needs to have the fundamental financial knowledge to be financially independent.

Priscilla practises yoga as it helps her to think clearer and make better decisions.

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