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It is necessary and needless to say that money management is an important affair you need to be on top of every month. Money Savvy shares serious budgeting plans you can adopt to better align yourself with your financial goals! Money is a key tool in life and is crucial for survival. As a matter of fact, basic essentials for living such as food and water has to be bought by money. That is why we as adults, know clearly about the importance of financial literacy. With figures showing the ever-increasing debt level in the form of loans for education, credit cards, housing and retirement around the world, the need for our children to be finically astute is more pressing than ever. The ability to handle money intelligently and responsibly is essential for our children’s future. Yet, ironically, we don’t see personal finance classes offered readily in schools to prepare our children for the harsh reality. So, where does the responsibility of learning one of the most vital life skill falls on? You, parents. Achieving financial literacy is not a one off thing that happens overnight. Instead, it is a set of habits that need to be cultivated with time, patience, experiences and mistakes. It is our job as parents to guide them and give them the necessary advice and lessons for them to succeed in the real world. Knowing that my children will enjoy financial independence and free from carrying the burden of debt is a huge relief. That to me, is why I strongly encourage starting financial literacy from young!

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