Sometimes, the money you currently earn just isn’t enough. However, simply juggling more than one job can be difficult. Most jobs require you to work a minimum number of hours and travel to the location which can be challenging when already committing to a 9-5 job, school studies or as a stay at home parent. However, with a little bit of know-how and some creativity, you can discover easy ways to make money around your own schedule and from the convenience of your own home!

1. Rent Your Things

Do you own numerous items in your house but find that you don’t even use half of what you have stored? Look around your home. If you haven’t used an item for over a year or think that you will never use it again, it’s time to give a better use of it! Rather than completely selling your items, simply give it away for the time being. Renting out your items not only allows you to open space in your home, but you can also make some money while you’re at it! Rent household items that you no longer need such as musical instruments, toys, sports equipment and even clothes. Websites such as The Volte, is your solution to dealing with designer dresses that you’ve worn to a one-time formal event. The website allows you to easily manage your dress listings and rent to people within the online community marketplace, increasing your wardrobe space whilst making a buck!

2. Online tutorials

Do you have a special skill or expertise in a topic that you’re passionate about? Use this to your advantage by teaching other people. You can gain money by teaching your skills to people online via online seminars or uploading videos to free viewing platforms such as YouTube. If you’re more on the academic side of things, you could consider becoming an online tutor for primary or high school students.

Another way of showcasing tutorials is by creating a monetised blog where you can share ideas, discussions and tips and tricks of your interested topic. If you’re more into the artsy side of things, platforms such as Patreon is a great way to share tutorials on the process of completing major projects. All entertainment creation such as craft making, photography, filming, music production and creative writing can be shared onto the platform where you can earn money for every subscription to your page. Ensure to create and upload consistently high-quality content that is useful and interesting.

3. Become a caregiver

Do you have a nurturing personality where you naturally give care and attention to others?

Than caregiving might be right up your alley! Taking care of children or pets is a great way to make money from your home, whilst enjoying the company at the same time. It will be helpful if you hold prior experience of caring for children or animals. If you don’t, ensure to do your research and complete training sessions before undertaking your caregiving job. You must also ensure that you have a home environment that is suitable and appropriate to the needs of kids or pets.


4. Start a catering service

Do you have a knack for baking treats or making delicious food? A great way to serve your community and share your delicious cuisine is by starting a catering service. You can make baked goods and desserts for events such as birthday parties, bridal and baby showers or wedding function. You may also like to supply catering services for family household celebrations or even provide food for individual lunches or dinners.

5. Conduct classes

Tutoring doesn’t only have to be limited to education. You can hold classes in any skill that you possess and hold expertise in. The classes can be in relation to creative arts, textiles, music, fitness, mechanics or even culinary skills. Since you can conduct the classes within your own home, you must ensure that you have sufficient facilities and resources that will support the sessions and the number of people that will be attending.

6. Data entry

Companies are increasingly looking for people to fill the position of data entry and administration, where the tasks can be completed from the convenience of your own home! Simply with access to a computer and internet connection, you can become a data entry clerk and not be required to travel to the company’s office. As a data entry or admin clerk, can work around a flexible schedule and not require any specific qualifications or experience to complete the job

Whether you are a stay-at-home mother, student, or just looking to make cash on the side of your day-to-day, job, finding ways to earn money at home can be easier than you first thought. The more you earn, the more you can invest into other aspects of life that need it the most. What tips will you use to make money from home

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