Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Thursday, which has its pros and cons. Chances are, traffic isn’t what it would be on a Friday night or the weekend, so that’s a plus. On the minus side, it’s still a working day. And so, after your lovely date, you still have to get up early the next day and haul your tired self to work. Or get to kids to school, if you’re a mum. Or both.

Now, I’m not saying you should skip your Valentine’s Day date. Nor am I saying that you should call in sick the next day because you had a little too much fun the night before.

What I am suggesting is a Valentine’s Weekend Getaway, taking two days off from your busy routine and spending time with your partner. Why not? It’s not too late to plan something wonderful! (cue romantic music)

Before you leave—do the necessary prep. Make arrangements for your precious kids, both human and/or fur. Tell your sister, mum, or BFF that if she takes the kids this weekend, you’ll find ways to make it worth her while. (Return the favor some other weekend or give her a certificate for her favorite spa treatment.) Water your plants. Unplug your appliances, etc., etc. You’re a fully grown adult, you know the drill.

Oh, and if you want to skip the Valentine’s dinner date, how about a breakfast date instead? We’ve got some great ideas for you.

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What to bring on your Valentine’s Weekend Getaway

This is the fun part. Whether you and your partner are in a great place in your relationship, or you guys are used to your everyday routine, there is nothing like time alone together to spice things up a bit. Therefore, what you pack is very important.

(or naughty) new lingerie

Oh, hon, you don’t have to ask me why, right? Think about it. You’ve got your partner all to yourself, and he’s put away his phone so he won’t check on work emails or football scores. You’ve got his full attention. This is the perfect time to debut the new lingerie you bought for this special occasion. Whether it’s a matching bra and panty set, a teddy, a nightie, you’ll find something that you will look smashing in!

Check out La Perla or Victoria’s Secret on Orchard Road. If you enjoy the convenience of online shopping, try Tatyana Lingerie, Avec Amour, or Ashley Summer.

A portable speaker

Every couple has songs that are special to them. If you still don’t have a playlist of the songs that make you smile and long for your partner, do it now. Technology makes it so easy. With my guy, all he has to do is hum the first few bars of Rod Stewart’s “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” and I melt. It doesn’t matter how tired, upset or sad I am…all I have to do is hear a certain song that means something to me and my man, and my mood changes instantly.

And believe me, you’ll want to set the mood right for your romantic getaway!

Having the speaker means that you can hear the songs on your playlist whether you’re on the beach, eating breakfast on the balcony, or in your bedroom when you’re showing him your lingerie for the first time. My oh my oh my.

The New Savvy - Relationships -What to pack for a Valentine’s Day (or any romantic) weekend getaway 2

Massage oil

Let’s face it, adult life can be stressful with a capital S! Balancing work, family, home, marriage, bills and everything else takes work. I wouldn’t be surprised if you both had tense muscles and maybe even some neck or back pain going into the weekend, right.

Don’t forget to pack some massage oil in your bag. And no, I’m not saying that you should be the only giver in this instance. Take turns! Even if neither of you has had any reflexology training, just having a loved one rub some oil on your tired back, legs, arms or shoulders can be sheer bliss. (True story: I’ve burst into happy tears even with a total stranger massaging me because it just felt so good to have my skin rubbed.)

Pro-tip: The Body Shop has a product line called Spa of the World. My personal favorites are the Lemongrass Massage Oil and especially their French Lavender Massage Oil because I love all things lavender. Smelling its scent is the best way to get me to relax. It’s quite affordable as well.

Your favorite LBD (Little Black Dress)

You know the one—the dress that no matter how hormonal you are or moody you feel, you know you look fabulous in it. If it’s an LRD (Little Red Dress) that you prefer to take with you, go for it. Hey, it’s your Valentine’s celebration after all.

But the important thing is to bring a dress, something you feel beautiful in. You may or may not go out to dinner or somewhere special. It doesn’t matter, because where you go isn’t that important—it’s how you feel. And this is your weekend to feel like the goddess that you know you are.


Prepare to see a lot of action this weekend (my apologies if that sounded crass). Realistically—it’s just the two of you, you are away from stressful situations (and kids), there are no other distractions, you both can relax completely, and so, it’s natural that there will be a lot of…intimacy…between you.

This is wonderful. And more than that, every relationship needs times such as these.

Therefore, be prepared. Bring condoms for him, and don’t forget your own birth control. Unless, of course, you are planning for a (or another) little one, and if that’s so, then have at it.

While we’re at it, when was the last time you checked up on your sexual health? If you need a primer, we’ve got Women’s Sexual Health 101 just for you.

Etc., etc.

There are other things you may consider bringing. Scented candles (best if they’re the kind that comes in tins) are a great suggestion, and will definitely make any encounter more romantic. If you have silk (or real) rose petals that you’d like to decorate your hotel room or villa with, those would be lovely. Food is another idea, whether it’s strawberries to dip in melted chocolate, or your man’s favorite snacks just as a thoughtful touch.

If you’ve never gone on a romantic Valentine’s weekend getaway, maybe this year is the perfect time to try it out.

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