Are you ready for the Halloween Horror Nights this year? You should be!

Universal Studios Singapore is gearing up for the main event during this 2017 Halloween celebration. The popular theme park is located on the premises of Resorts World Sentosa in Sentosa Island. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The park boasts of various rides and entertainment for guests as well as different exciting zones within the park.

Universal Studios Singapore Zones

This is one of the places that offer the best activities in Singapore – especially during the holiday season.

Universal Studios give guests the option to explore different zones in the area. Visitors can enjoy the Hollywood area as they step into the beautiful architecture that envelops the Boulevard. This section is littered with palm trees and even has a replica of the world-famous Walk of Fame. Taking a walk will also seem like you have been transported to the heart of the entertainment city.

One of the sections of the park is called “New York”. It boasts of classic landmarks and skylines that the city is known for. Another part showcases the “Sci-Fi City” that puts you in the middle of an impressive and vibrant metropolis. You will also see the “Ancient Egypt” that gives off a 1930’s vibe and will take you back in time so you know what it was like in Egypt.

Of course, you will also see “The Lost World” section, the “Far Far Away”, and “Madagascar” zone that transports guests to the tropical jungle setting of the same movie. Everything you will see in this section will definitely take your breath away!

Since the Halloween is around the corner, the theme park is all set to celebrate with its loyal guests.

Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Singapore is running its seventh edition of the widely successful Halloween Horror Nights. Just like the past years, the park is transformed into a land of the dead after-hours. You will witness the park being overrun by ghouls, monsters, and demons of the underworld. Guests will feel like they have taken a stroll in the depths of hell.

This event was so good that the Halloween Horror Nights have been voted Best Leisure Event by the Singapore Tourism Board for three years running according to Channel News Asia. This makes it one of the most popular events in Universal Studios Singapore.

According to Resorts World Sentosa’s Senior Vice President for Attractions Mr. Jason Horkin, “This year’s theme is among the most disturbing ones. It draws upon seven new incarnations of deadly sins. This effectively reflects the zeitgeist of today’s society where people are preoccupied with individualism, beauty, and power.”

Admission tickets

As fun and exciting (and scary) as this sounds, how much will it cost you to experience it? Good news is, you have the chance to enjoy this awesome and discounted family activity in Singapore.

A night of fun at the Halloween Horror Night would cost you S$68 for general admission tickets. There are, of course, ways to get a discount on the sticker price. For one, an 11% discount is being given to MasterCard Holders Special.

There is also a 14% reduction in the price if you meet either one of three requirements. One is if you are an RWS Invites Members or Attractions Passholders. If not, you will also get the discount if you are a Maybank Card Holders Exclusive client. Finally, if you take advantage of MasterCard Online Exclusive’s S$10 off per ticket when buying 3 or more tickets, you will also qualify for a discount.

Universal Studios Singapore Kicks Off Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Zombie Laser Tag

One of the most exciting attractions Universal Studios Singapore put into this popular Halloween events is the Zombie Laser Tag. This is a chargeable attraction on top of the admission tickets. Taking part in the Laser Tag will only cost you S$38 but Frequent Fear Passholders will only pay S$30 for it.

This will give you passage to a world overrun by zombies. These creatures have one mission in mind – kill all the zombies. This is a first for theme parks and is an exclusive attraction for the Halloween Horror Nights. Stepping into the arena is a heart-pounding nightmare. Here you fend off and fight for your life as you shoot demented zombies. The experience can only take in players over 13 years old and available in intervals of 15 minutes each game play.

You get to have a taste of groundbreaking brainwave technology when you dive into the battle with groups of four. This remarkable technology is integrated into the laser guns. The live-action laser tag attraction will also ask players to put on headbands which are able to detect concentration. As it senses concentration levels, the technology will allow you to go on your quest by unlocking clues along the way. Asia One explained that this is one of the most technologically advanced instalments yet of Halloween Horror Nights. At least, this was according to Mr Horkin.

Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zones

As Universal Studios Singapore presents the Halloween spectacular, it divides the place into various scare zones. Each of these zones will also test your resolve. The Happy Horror Days will give a new meaning to well-loved characters of the Wicked Humpty Dumpty and the Diabolical Easter Bunny. The Pilgrimage of Sin exposes you to the deadly 7 sins – Perversion, Deception, Cruelty, Obsession, Manipulation, Narcissism, and Malice.

Going into the Laboratorium zone gives you a taste of what it was during the time of plague doctors and Black Death. You get to walk around experiencing the freaks of nature that were once human used as test subjects in an effort to find a cure. On top of this, the Slice of Life Tour by the Slit Face Girls perform for guests with their Gore-pop brand of singing.

Haunted Houses

The Halloween Horror Nights will bring in about 500 actors coming from 15 countries around the world according to International Business Times Singapore. Much of these talents will make sure that the haunted houses inside the attractions live up to their potential.

Headlining these houses is the Death Mall where spirits, ghouls, and ghosts roam the area looking for revenge. This was after the structure collapsed in the mall killing all of them in the process. Inside the Mind is another house that is filled with evil forces. It will put guests face to face with their inner demons and night terrors.

Make The Cut haunted house takes a gory approach to the Korean fascination. It shows fame-hungry artists putting on disturbing makeovers and showcasing it to guests. There is also the Terracotta house which will bring guests back to the time of cruelty in Asia under Empress Qing as she inflicts excruciatingly painful methods with terracotta soldiers.

Universal Studios Singapore is poised to make this year’s Halloween celebration a lot more fun, scary, and thrilling. It is only expected with its latest instalment of Halloween Horror Nights. It may cost you – but the memories and the experience you will get from it will far exceed the amount that you will pay for the tickets. This is, without a doubt, one of the best leisure activities that you can indulge in Singapore.

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