Without a doubt, Singapore women need their own money. In this article, we will discuss the many reasons why this is beneficial. If you think that only women will benefit – think again. Even the whole family will feel the positive effects when a woman is earning her own keep.

Fortunately, having your own money is not that difficult to achieve in Singapore. According to the latest reports, Singapore is leading among its Asian neighbours when it comes to closing the gender workplace gap. In fact, one of the biggest companies in the country, Singtel, is a great example. One-third of their senior management positions are female.

What is the role of a woman in Singapore?

As a woman living in Singapore, you have a lot of opportunities to earn your own money. There is really no excuse to just rely on your husband or someone else to supply your financial needs.

Yes – this is even true after you have your own kids.

5 Reasons Why Singapore Women Need Their Own MoneySome people think that a mother’s place is at home, taking care of the kids. Well, that time has long gone. Singapore women need their own money and pursuing that will not necessarily compromise their ability to complete their other roles.

There are a lot of Singaporean women who are able to take care of their kids even as they pursue successful careers.

Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong remembers how his mother, the late Madam Kwa Geok Choo, worked hard as a lawyer while growing up. And look where he ended up! This proves that working mothers are more than able to raise gifted, intelligent and successful children.

In a recent study, it is revealed that there are marriages wherein women earn more than their husbands. Do you think that is causing troubles as men feel like their pride and role in the family is undermined?

Not necessarily. The truth is, as more and more women make a mark in the corporate world, more men are starting to find their own responsibilities at home. There is a reversal when it comes to the role and it is the children who are benefiting from it.

Right now, we see a lot of men taking on a more active and hands-on role in raising their kids. They are not afraid to let the women take the lead in meeting the financial needs of the family because they have found joy in spending more time with the kids.

Obviously, the one who benefits from this the most are the children. Even if Singapore women are more involved in the workplace, they will never really be absent in the life of their kids. So the chances that both parents are always present is more likely to happen.

5 reasons why Singapore women should earn on their own

If you think that financial responsibility is the only reason why Singapore women need their own money, that is not true. There are far more important reasons why.

Sense of independence

To start with, women who earn their own money have a sense of independence that others do not have. If you are not dependent on your spouse or other people for financial assistance, you get more freedom to make your own choices. If you want to buy a new dress, you can afford to do so. You do not have to ask anyone for money.

In case you have a financial goal, you can use your own resources to reach that. For single women, they can take more control of their lives. They will no longer be pressured to find a guy and get married early just so their needs will be met.

Protection of personal interests

5 Reasons Why Singapore Women Need Their Own MoneyWe do not know what will happen in the future. This is one of the reasons why Singapore women need their own money. Your financial situation will help you recover easily in the event of a death or divorce.

Some women are left in a sad state when their husband, who is the breadwinner, suddenly passes. Sometimes, women endure emotional or physical abuse because they cannot afford to part ways with their husband. This is a sad state to be in. If you have your own money, you do not have to put up with any abuse. And if your husband passes on, it will not be as devastating because you have the means to take care of your children.

Self-worth and respect

Another reason why Singapore women need their own money is that it builds their self-worth and allows them to gain respect. Do not get us wrong. Women who choose to stay at home to nurture their kids also deserve our respect.

They should also feel proud of their role in the family. However, there is something about being able to do the same while earning your own money that makes it even more fulfilling. You have to remember that some stay-at-home mothers sometimes let themselves go because they feel like they do not deserve to dress up or look good.

If these women earn their own money, they will feel differently. There are times when the respect that you get from other people is not enough. You need to learn to respect yourself and know your self-worth.

Financial security and stability

One of the basic rules of investing is all about diversification. That means you should not put all your eggs in one basket. This is the best way to protect your investments. In the same way, the financial security and stability in a household increase if both husband and wife are earning. Think about the possibilities that you have as a couple.

You can choose to give your children a better life just because you are more financially stable and secure. Even if one loses a source of income, all is not lost because there is still one person earning.

5 Reasons Why Singapore Women Need Their Own MoneyPersonal development

Regardless of how you earn your money, there is a form of personal development happening as you work for it. You are not limited to the household chores that you have to complete.

You also have other activities that allow you to develop your knowledge and skills. There are so many success stories of women who simply capitalised on their habits and are now earning a lot of money (Mrs. Fields anyone?). There are skills that you can only learn if you venture out of the activities that you usually do at home. Sometimes, your personal development is so great that the money that you earn is just icing on the cake.

These are only a few of the reasons why Singapore women need their own money. Remember, if the whole family enjoys the benefit of an earning woman, you can expect that the local economy will benefit from it as well.

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