Ready for 2017?

Wow! Isn’t it insane how quickly 2016 whizzed past us? Are you feeling the hustle and bustle of the year-end festivities?

It seems like a lifetime ago, but I still remember how last year, I was frantically planning for 2016. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted. I felt guilty for not having clear, definite, BIG goals. Everyone seems to have their life to put together but not me.

From time to time, I worry if there’s enough time to get anything meaningful accomplished before 2016 ends. I want to make sure that I avoid this in 2017.

If you don’t focus on your goals, you will always be reacting instead of creating the life you want.

Chances are, most of us have a big, beautiful vision for our lives – personal and professional. The critical questions are:

1. How are you defining your goals in actionable steps?
2. Are you setting aside time to focus and outline these goals?
3. How do you remain accountable for these goals?

It’s difficult to be still to think of what you TRULY want. It’s even tougher to break these goals into specific targets and timeline.


While we are at it, can I implore you to focus on your finances and set some financial goals?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What are the 3 things I want to accomplish financially in 2017?
2. What are the steps I need to reach these financial goals?
3. What are my monthly checklists so I can be accountable and committed to these goals?

Answering the first question will require some time, reflections and a huge dose of realism. Force yourself to figure out what you need to better your financial management. Work on these goals with single-minded dedication.

Verbalising your goals and committing to them will keep you clear and on track. If you want, please share your financial goals with me. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from you and learning that The New Savvy has helped you.

A new year is your chance to go from dreaming about what you want to build it. If you need help, here’s an excellent guide to planning your finances. Stay true to your (financial) hopes and dreams!

A Merry Christmas and a smashing 2017 to all of you.

Anna Haotanto & The New Savvy Team xx
Reflections, Actionable Goals & planning for 2017!

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