Does More Frequent Sex Correlate with Higher Income?

Here’s a great motivation to intensify your efforts on the dating scene: surveys reveal that people who are more sexually active earn higher salaries! The British Senior Economics Lecturer Nick Drydakis noticed this unexpected lifestyle pattern after conducting a topical survey. Workers who claim to have sexual intercourse more than four times a week are earning a salary four to five percent higher than those who say they have intercourse less than four times per week.

Drydakis’s interest was piqued after he had seen similar correlations in past investigations, so he compared all his related experiments. His results all appeared redundant. He established the existence of a correlation between sexual activity and earnings.

Promoting Good Health By Having More Sex?

One of the explanations for this may be that sexual activity promotes good health in people. Sex can improve your physical fitness, mental health and emotional well-being – all of which can lead to you being more productive in the workplace. Having sex several times a week may increase your physical stamina and help prevent serious diseases. Drydakis pointed out that people who are sexually active more than four times a week exhibited lower risks of arthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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The emotional aspect of sexual activity may lead to feeling loved and appreciated. Such optimistic feelings can prevent the emergence of a pessimistic outlook and negative feelings of solitude, despair and rejection. This can help you get a stronger grip on your emotions. Your skills and decision-making may no longer be overshadowed by major emotional distractions. Moreover, by being sexually active, working people have an outlet for the release of inner stress and anxiety.

As a result of enjoying good health, they may become happier and more satisfied in life. The result is that they feel empowered and are in a better position to concentrate more effectively on their work. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity in the workplace. It follows that an employee can quickly be promoted and rise in stature within his field.

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More Beauty and More Sex Appeal

Researchers have observed that good-looking individuals earn higher salaries than those with an average or less attractive appearance. Beauty and sex appeal are often related to each other. If beauty correlates with more pay, it is no surprise that having sex leads to more pay as well.

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Beauty refers to the physical wellbeing characteristic of sexually desirable people. In various sectors of the corporate world, for example, customer service and sales representation, employers’ preferences are for attractive and good-looking people. Such “good-lookers” tend to be most productive in these sectors too – perhaps because of a higher confidence level and charisma developed due to having good looks.

The creative fashion industry prefers highly attractive individuals too. Recognising that they can get value for money, both corporate and creative industries pay hefty salaries to their employees in order to maximise their profits. Since we know that sexually active people tend to be more sexually appealing, we can venture a guess that they have a better chance of earning more pay.

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Other Theories for this Correlation of More Sex = Higher Income

Having more sex may not be the condition that actually results in higher pay. It may be that people with high salaries are simply more sexually active. Wealthier men have always been more appealing to women. Drawing a high salary can enable you to invest more in your health and a consequently improved physical appearance.

You can, for example, raise your level of physical fitness by taking out an expensive gym membership. Some well-to-do people retain a certain cognitive and emotional level of health thanks to their capacity to pay for yoga and meditation classes or even therapy sessions with a professional psychologist. You can enhance and nourish a beautiful appearance with treatments at branded, luxurious beauty spa parlours and hair salons.

Higher-income earners can also afford designer clothes and accessories as well as exclusive cosmetic products. Having an income level that allows you to afford all these lifestyle “extras” can promote a certain physical attractiveness and sex appeal. You can afford the expense of dating.

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You can keep your romantic partner happy thanks to your financial stability and impressive gifts. This means that you are more likely to have a steady romantic partner with whom you can enjoy a frequent physical relationship.

Nonetheless, the question of whether it’s more sex that leads to higher earnings or it’s a higher income that leads to having more sex still remains a perplexing question to us. These experiments need to be redesigned to provide better control of external factors before any final conclusion regarding this topic can be reached.

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