You might be asking how you can achieve success and wealth, and while there are many factors to consider – opportunity, education, an idea, and even luck, – some of the ingredients to success you can bring about on your own. Among the things you can do is to change your daily routines to habits that are geared toward success.

Quoting Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Change excellence with success and the quote still works. Here are 10 habits of successful women that can aid you on your journey to prosperity. These practices do not require “talents” of sorts. Anyone with determination and passion can start doing these; therefore, there is no excuse at all.

  1. Automate savings

Sometimes, we are our worst enemies. We totally get that it is just too easy to give in to temptations and to spend more than you should at times. But before you know it, there is nothing left for your savings and investments. We also know that advice like “mind over matter” is easier said than done. So when they do fail, there has to be a backup plan, right?

You have to be able to make adjustments and take the necessary precautionary measures. In a case like this, automating your savings will come in handy. Inquire about this option at your bank, and make sure those savings do get in your savings fund before you splurge them on something else.

  1. Free from debt and balance

At first, it might be difficult to see how some borrowed money or credit balance here and there could hurt. But take our word for it when we say that many women witnessed their finances go dwindling down because of them. Whenever you are tempted to keep a debt, remember that you are not only supposed to worry about the actual money you owe but also the interest (which may grow bigger and bigger over time) and other fees that come with them.

Among the possible worst-case scenarios is the interest and these miscellaneous get so high that they are even bigger than your actual debt. Don’t wait until it happens to you. Avoid spending more than you have. Learn to determine whether something is a good debt or a bad one and how to use your credit card wisely.

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  1. Live only

The climb to success and financial freedom is not easy; it will require a lot of sacrifices, especially when you are just starting. On one hand, this means saying no to that high-end bag or shoes you so want for now. Instead of ‘upgrading’ your lifestyle for every promotion or raise you get, think long term and try to live below your means. You might only have a pair or two of slacks today, but think how many pairs you can afford in the future once your invested money has grown.

On the other hand, learning to be content with a simple lifestyle might be a better idea. A decluttered, Zen lifestyle work for some, and you should give it a try. Marie Kondo’s New York Times best-seller is a good place to start.

This does not mean that you should always go for the cheapest options. For instance, rather than opting for the $1 meals or eating at fast food chains, invest in nutritious ingredients like veggies and fruits with which you can cook on your own.

The better approach is to find the product or services that will make you say “money well spent.” Instead of going for that cheap pair of shoes that will only be used a month or two, you can invest in ones that may be a bit more costly but will last for years. No, we do not mean designer items, but high-quality ones.

10 Habits Of Successful Women To Adopt To Be Wealthy

  1. Save in different possible ways

Saving does not only mean transferring a part of your regular income to your savings account. You can also apply it to the other things. Going shopping for the basics (food, clothes, etc.)? There are ways to make the most of your money when you do so, and that we call smart grocery shopping.

Attending a wedding party? You do not always have to buy the most expensive gift. There are wedding favours that come cheap and will be loved by your couple friends to be wed! The point is, there are many ways to save, and the rich who started from scratch know this too well.

  1. Meditate

Countless of successful women serve as a witness to the fact that meditation increases productivity. Heather Hancock, the CEO, is one of them: “There was no clutter in my mind anymore, and I started to do things at work in a lot less time; something that used to take three hours now takes one.” It is also a way of discovering great ideas that might give you your ‘break.’

As New York photographer and artist Olivia Locher puts it, “[t]o find the best ideas you have to go deep within yourself”. Those are two of the many other benefits of meditation. Even big names like Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey consider meditation as an imperative to their success.

May it is 5 minutes or 30 minutes a day, meditation can take you a long way. This should include, of course, taking good care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. – by sleeping early, eating healthy, exercising regularly, decluttering your environment and cyberspace, and spending time with family/friends. Consider these alternative ways to manage stress as well.

  1. Learn from people

Attending conferences & training and hearing out what financial advisors have to say are one thing, but with this advice, we can dig deeper. You might have earned a couple of degrees, various certifications, and years of experience in your field/s, but successful people know that you can always learn a thing or two from people from every walk of life.

There is no need always have to listen to their advice, but there is nothing wrong with hearing out what they have to say, either. You might realize some lessons and pointers from their stories and experiences; realizations come in positive and negative form, after all.

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  1. Set goals

Havings goals and aspirations in life are crucial because they are propelling agents. They motivate you not to waste time and act for what you want to achieve. When things are not going the way you want them to be, looking back to you are aiming for usually push you not to back down and to keep moving forward.

There is a more efficient way of goal-setting. For one, keep S.M.A.R.T. – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound – in mind. Of course, dreams remain just dreams when no one strives for them. Remember to stick with your goals. You might feel the need to change some along the way, but there must be something that is constant.

  1. Keep a planner/to-do list (and follow it)

In supplementary to the previous habit, having a to-do list or a planner of sorts may also be a great idea. For one, they serve as reminders not only of your goals but also the tasks you need to accomplish. Think of these to-do’s as your stepping stones to your end goals, and do not leave those checkboxes unmarked.

Having a planner is also advantageous regarding time-management. When you set time for what you have to do throughout the day or week, they turn into ‘mini goals’ which you can more easily check up on and adjust if left unfinished.

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  1. Start early

There is no need to do complicated computations to realize why this starting early is important. Think of savings for instance: start saving $100 a month at 25, and you will have a total of $18,000 (without interest) by the time you are 40. If you start saving at 30, you will only have $12,000.

This does advice does not only mean you should start saving early. This also means you should start building your reputation, network, and skills as early as you can. Do not be afraid to meet and befriend people of different professions and fields. You may also want to consider learning another language – this is a proven advantage and will raise salary offers significantly.

Such advice also applies to daily routines. For instance, when there are tasks at hand, be an early bird and start working on them early on. Do not wait until the deadline is getting near and then procrastinate. Other than that, waking up early (after a proper good night’s rest, that is) might also be a good idea. Quite a lot of successful people find that being early risers increase their productivity; it lets them start their work way ahead of others and provides them with some quiet, personal time and space.

  1. Learn to manage your money

Why should you manage your money? Why not just let your secretary, assistant, or financial advisor do it for you? The thing is, there are benefits to being able to handle your financial matters. Being able to manage your finances on your means you can check and control your spendings and balance them correctly.

You are less likely to go beyond your means when you do your budgeting and computations, and the chances of you following your financial plans are even greater. More than that, it is a valuable skill that is developed over time

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