A recent report on the index of well-being is showing evidence that there is a stronger need for an empowered woman in Singapore.

The report revealed that the local female population score below average when it comes to personal well-being, sense of empowerment, and satisfaction. Although they have shown optimism in their overall well-being, Singaporean women are feeling stress when it comes to their families, health, work, and finances.

Empowerment refers to the process by which you feel that you are becoming stronger and more confident when it comes to controlling your life and your rights. It does not even have to involve actively fighting for equality and rights. Simply knowing and expecting what you deserve will make you feel empowered enough to command respect among your family and peers.

Qualities of an empowered woman in Singapore

To be an empowered woman means you should have the following qualities.

What Does It Mean To Be An Empowered Woman In SingaporeYou have the ability to make your own informed choices and decisions.

This is how you take complete control of your life. This is true for both personal and work life. If you want to do or change something about your present situation, you should be able to act on it or find the resources that will help you do it.

That means getting an education or at least knowing where to get it. You should never be forced into something that you do not believe in. If you are unsure, you have to educate yourself to get rid of the confusion. That is how you can take control of your life’s choices – specifically your financial life.

You are earning your own money and you have full control over it.

A big part of empowerment involves your finances. It is hard to feel empowered if you are relying on someone else for your basic needs. Money is like the fuel in your car. Do not wait for someone to give you fuel just so you can go places. You need to know how to gas up your car.

When you can buy your own things and when you can freely decide how to spend your money, that contributes to your empowerment.

Of course, that means you are fully responsible for managing your finances. Learn how to invest it so you can make your money work for you. Saving, while it is an admirable habit, is never enough. Be financially savvy and start learning the basics of investing.

You are living a life with dignity, respect, and a sense of self-worth.

Never settle for a half-life where you feel unfulfilled and unable to grasp your purpose in life. If you are not content with what you have, you need to do something about it.

Always remember that it is your right to enjoy the same social status as your male counterparts in society – whether it is in your personal or work life. You should have an equal chance to pursue a successful career without being judged because of your gender.

You practice your right to participate and express your social, religious, and political beliefs – without feeling discriminated or abused for doing so.

Admittedly, it takes a lot of courage to do this. You should also expect that the people around might not be too keen to accept your opinion. That is okay. But do not let that keep you quiet. That means working in a comfortable and safe environment where you can freely voice out your ideas and act on your creativity.

Being an empowered woman in Singapore is something that you can reach. The local society understands the important role that women have in society. Their contribution to the growth of the economy is no longer questionable. You can reach your dreams and take better control of your life. You just have to identify the opportunities around you so you can use it to propel yourself forward.

The role of an empowered woman in Singapore

Several companies in Singapore have started to act on initiatives to empower women in the workplace. Michelle Leung of Cigna International Markets revealed their intention to “cultivate a fair, inclusive and collaborative environment.”

In fact, a third of the Board is revealed to be women and 4 out of 10 top talents are female. They specifically have a Women’s Network across the global offices of Cigna. This network is meant to empower the female workforce.

In DBS, Lee Yan Hong (HR head) revealed that 40% of their senior management are women. Not only that, 60% of their overall workforce are women.

As you can see, companies all over Singapore are starting to recognise that women have an important part to play – not just at home, but also in the workforce.

There are several reasons why women should feel empowered in Singapore. It is not just about their own personal fulfilment or affirmation in society. The country itself will benefit if women are more empowered.

Here are the reasons why there is a need for more empowered women in this country.

1. Lower unemployment rate

Women in Singapore represents 49.6% of the population. If they feel empowered enough to pursue their own careers, that is a huge gain for the local economy. A lower unemployment rate is always good news for any country.

2. Female competence and emotional intelligence.

The study reveals that women score higher than men when it comes to emotional intelligence. This makes them more competent in their respective work. After all, EQ plays an important role in the quality of performance that a worker exerts in their jobs.

What Does It Mean To Be An Empowered Woman In Singapore

3. Higher availability of talent.

Men are talented and intelligent, there is no doubt about that. But women can also offer a different set of talents.

Imagine an economy that is able to tap into both pools of talent? The possibilities are endless. It is not just the business that will benefit. The overall national development in Singapore will gain a lot when women start to participate.

4. Higher household income.

When women work, you can expect a higher level of income for every home in Singapore. That reduces the poverty level. Not only that, it also increases their buying power. The local economy will benefit from the higher purchasing power of consumers in Singapore. When businesses do well, their employers and employees will reap the rewards. It is a cycle that is a win-win situation for all.

As you can see, an empowered woman in Singapore has a lot to offer. It is not just for their own personal agendas. It is not just the success that they will get in the workplace. Their progress will be reflected in our society. After all, women will always play an important role in every household. Imagine if the next generation is raised by empowered women? They will raise strong and empowered children as well.

That future is looking quite bright from all angles.

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