According to a Durex survey, the average Singaporean man loses his virginity at age 16.9, while the average Singaporean woman loses her virginity at 17.4. With both genders actively pursuing a sexual life at such a ripe age, it is important that Singaporeans pay more attention to their sexual health.

However, whether it is the traditional Asian culture or just a societal disposition, there is still silence, stigma and shame that surround the issue of sex. As a result, many of us are not comfortable talking about or taking action to improve their sexual health.

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Being sexually unhealthy has serious consequences – physically, emotionally and financially. Although many are eager to improve their sexual health; almost everyone faces certain barriers that prevent them from taking the next step. 

Each individual seeks a different approach to sexual education. However, one thing’s for sure: talking about sexual health should be a positive thing, not a taboo or stigma. 

Being honest is important. Sexual health is as important as mental health. It’s about honesty. It’s about knowledge. It’s about time. It’s about realising that maintaining good sexual health is a part of maintaining one’s overall being.

Benefits of Good Sexual Health

The benefits of good sexual health go well beyond disease prevention. Good sexual health is not just about preventing STIs or unplanned pregnancies. When people take care of their sexual health, they can be healthier and happier. They can:

  • Feel good about themselves and have peace of mind
  • Have a Healthier Body
  • Experience Positive Relationships
  • Enjoy a more satisfying sexual life

The New Savvy - Sexual Health 3Why sexual self-esteem is so important

Sexual self-esteem refers to the feelings you have about your body and your confidence level in how you relate intimately to someone else. Your sexual self-esteem affects every sexual choice you make, like who you choose to have sex with and when, or whether you choose to use protection or not.

Basically, the more self-acceptance you have about your sexuality, the more satisfied and engaged you will be sexually. 

Enjoying your body

This doesn’t necessarily mean sexually. It can involve anything from playing a sport to relaxing in a bath. Focus on things that remind you of how amazing your body is rather than how you look in front of the mirror.

Social Media has reconstructed the image of a woman’s confidence. Most young women strive for toned, skinny bodies as this is what the media portrays to be “beautiful”. However, if you look around you, social media does not contain the realistic representation of the average woman body.

Yes, you may want to lose some weight for health reasons, but never ever restrict yourself from living life to the fullest just so you can drop one dress size. Be confident in your own skin! Once you do so, you are unstoppable in more ways than you can imagine.

Explore what you like

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It’s not easy to be confident about sex when you’re not sure what all the possibilities are. Remember, you don’t need a partner to work on your sexual self-esteem. Sex manuals, toys and erotica can’t help, but you should also remember that before you get into bed with someone else, try getting into bed with yourself, first. Women who know their bodies better report more sexual satisfaction.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Sexual Health does not just stop at learning about yourself. It is also about learning about your sexual partner. Whether it’s in the boardroom or bedroom, women need to learn to ask for what they want as well as when to say no.

You may want to satisfy your partner, however, whatever you do, be firm and ask for things that you want. It does not come easy – but practice makes perfect. So, in your day-to-day life, like when you’re at a restaurant, ask for things that you want and need – instead of settling for something less than you deserve! 

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