When attracting like-minded people into your life it’s important to get crystal clear on whom exactly you want to spend time with. It takes time to set clear intentions of who you wanted to spend my time with. Find out how to refocus your circle and connect with people who contribute to both your personal and professional growth!


Finding the right people starts with discovering yourself. It is important to set clear goals and intentions that you find within a group of women. Some focus on self-development and spirituality, while there are others who support mothers.

Take the time to think about what type of people you want to spend time with and why.


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If you’re having difficulties figuring out who you want to socialise with, consider your hobbies and passions.

Are you passionate about sports, art, travel, music, literature? What do you spend your spare time doing or daydreaming about?

Once you have narrowed down your interests then link specific activities to those parts of your life that light you up. If you want to explore your creativity why not attend an art painting class? If you’re a keen reader consider joining a book club. If health and fitness is your jam, connect with a CrossFit group. Aligning your passion with specific activities will help you to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and find your kindred crew.


It’s so easy to judge others. Admit it or not, we tend to do it on a daily basis especially if someone stands out from the crowd. However, if you want to find people whose personality and goal-setting matches yours, you have to seek what’s beyond the book cover.

Whether it’s the crazy coloured hair, tattoos, atypical wardrobe or even just how open they are that put you off in the first place, approach these individuals and get to know them better. Being able to look past their surface will help you discover if you can resonate with their life values and refocus your circle. Stay unbiased and non-partisan, who knows? Maybe that girl with the crazy rainbow hair might just be your maid-of-honour in the future!


The New Savvy - Refocus Your Circle

Being patient has its perks, but if you are looking for a new group of friends to socialise with – you need to put yourself out there and be fearless. There is no need to play coy at all; be upfront about your own personality so that people similar to you can connect and get to know you better.

When you put yourself out there, you will attract individuals with passions aligned to your own. Do not fear the unknown.


Once you have connected with someone who shares the same interests as you do – be bold and take action. There is no need to wait for them to make the first move. Show them your respect and admiration without going overboard.

You can start a private group chat or even a weekly coffee run together. By slowly integrating a routine, before you know it, they have become a constant in your life as action creates momentum.

Existing clubs and communities are a great way to quickly refocus your circle. Whether you want to take something up professionally or personally – there are tons of clubs out there that would be more than welcome to take you in; especially if you have the same passion. 

Online forums and communities on Linkedin and Facebook are a great way to start off. Offline communities will include meetup groups, recreational clubs, interest groups, related classes and membership societies.

6. Attend a related workshop/seminar

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A workshop or seminar is essentially a gathering of like-minded individuals who wish to achieve or learn a common objective. It’s as simple as googling a topic and finding out the seminars/ classes near you.  

Additionally, there are also hundreds of high-quality networking sessions around Singapore. If you are still nervous about putting yourself out there, perhaps you can consider attending a workshop that teaches you the basics of good networking!

Refocus your circle by putting yourself out there to find the right people!


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