Why Online Dating is an Economical Choice for Women A Saturday afternoon shopping for a new dress. An hour at the hairdressers, and then a quick nip into the nail salon. Nervous with anticipation, you arrive for your date 15 minutes early. A man approaches and you order a glass of wine. He looks confused. He is not the waiter; he is your blind date and he looks nothing like his picture.

All daters, have had a similar experience. Online and offline, most people admit to exaggerating their features. Lies of men sites include fibs about their height, weight and physique. They also tell tales about how much they make and their job seniority. Online, though, you can eliminate more of the fibs and fluff.

Online dating allows you to date in real time. Video chats give you an opportunity to size up your match in real time. No more surprises, at least as far as appearance goes. The low cost of online dating is one of many advantages.

  • Fast and simple sign up – Answer a short questionnaire, post a photo, as well as a video if you desire, and you are ready to meet people. For busy professionals, online dating eliminates excuses about not having the time to get out there and meet people.
  • No more surprises – The ability to meet online via video reduces the embarrassing surprises of the offline dating world. It is harder for your potential matches to misrepresent themselves.
  • Fewer rejections – Awkward face-to-face meetings with someone who thinks they have made a dream connection whereas you feel you are as compatible as a toad and a fish can be avoided. After a few online chats, low compatibility issues can be addressed before the meeting up a step.
  • More open disclosure – It’s a real drag to find out over a glass of wine that your ‘dream’ match is not actually divorced but, ‘ummm’ in the early stages of a separation. “Excuse me for probing, but does that mean you still live with your wife?” Make a list of questions important to you and ask them online before the first meeting.

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  • Overcome shyness – Online communication options provide the opportunity to get to know your potential matches before the big in-person date. You can take all the time you need to develop a relationship before meeting up.
  • Lots of potential matches – The best part of online dating is the opportunity to screen and meet many potential matches.

The new breed of dating web apps offer enhanced features including screening matches faster, finding locals – as close as a few metres away – and providing more in-depth screening to weed out creeps. Asian Dating – The Cupid network is one of the most popular Asian dating platforms.

In addition to the main multicultural site, the company also runs country-focused dating such as Filipino Cupid and Thai Cupid. Tinder Asia – If you want someone even closer, try location-based dating. Tinder allows you to hook up with people close to you. You may dig your yuppie neighbourhood and want to meet some millennial urban professionals (Muppies), or other workers in the financial district. Tinder is the app for travellers who want to meet a local with whom they can visit local sites and enjoy local bars or theatre.

Paktor – Another local service matching up Asians, Singapore-based start-up Paktor is the Asian Tinder.  Like Tinder, it integrates with your social media networks. The description is kept simple and focused on the features the most important to you. Photos can be flicked through quickly and those not of interest rejected by flicking to the left.

Peekawoo – This site seeks to be more selective and thereby screen out the creeps. If men are interested in you, they will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This extra step improves the odds that you will attract sincere suitors.

Noonswoon – If the online dating world is moving too fast for you, Noonswoon introduces you to one date a day at noon, just in time for your lunch hour.

LunchClick is another noontime matchmaker. Both apps use love assistants to help you hook up with the right people. All of these dating websites have smartphone apps so you can matchmake while travelling to work or grabbing a coffee.

If you are looking for a long-term partner or a real friend, instant gratification in dating does not really exist. Your success in dating will reflect the time you invest in screening and getting to know potential matches.

Advances in online dating such as location-based services and pre-screening are making it easier than ever to make good matches. Related:  9 Hollywood Characters That Are Bad Financial Role Models

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