We’ve all heard men talk about the expense of treating their dates well. Nice food, beautiful ambience and high-class entertainment cost a pretty penny. The guy may pay the activities tab and think that his pampered lady friend enjoys a great night out at no cost from her own pocket.

That’s not quite true, boys! For the majority of couples’ dates, the woman invests much more money, time and effort in preparing herself to create a successful event. There’s a notable expense to dating, including investments in clothing, beauty, transportation, online dating fees and more.

A certain risk factor is also involved in the expense. More than one woman has seen her carefully-planned date investment turn into money frittered away. Imagine a date ending up being a disaster and you both vow never to see each other again!

One might argue that the trial-and-error process of finding that perfect life partner is coupled with a large financial outlay. Given the ever-growing expense of the search, it’s no wonder that many modern independent women are choosing to remain single.

  • Why Dating Is Expensive For Women: The Expense of Looking Beautiful

Many women spend much of their time enhancing their beauty or thinking about how to enhance it. However, this effort increases significantly when a woman starts dating a man regularly.

This guy may be the one you’re head-over-heels with and you want to look great. Weekly grooming routines start to become daily ones. You start going to exclusive beauty salons to cut and style your hair rather than the neighbourhood hairdresser down the street.

Maybe your monthly facial treatment turns into a weekly one. Your waxes, manicures and pedicures all change in frequency from a once-a-month to a two-or three-times-monthly investment. You become more conscious of your figure, so you upgrade your gym membership and take extra Zumba classes.

Affordable Alternatives For High-End Brands

You start to take more pride in the way you dress. You stop purchasing clothing, shoes and accessories from second-hand shops or consignment stores. You now take the time and effort to shop at exclusive expensive boutiques. You might even end up buying designer formalwear for those lavish dinner dates!

Think too about the costs associated with professional dry-cleaning and laundering services for those special outfits. High-heeled shoes give your figure a boost, and you certainly don’t want to deny yourself that great feeling.

Keep that feeling going all evening by investing in good quality high heels or stilettos – depending on your taste and style – rather than cheaper bargain-priced ones. Chances are better than your precious feet will be saved from hours-long excruciating pain.

Now, the fun part about dating is that you will surely give in to the temptations to buy sensual lingerie. Fact is, though, and it is a bit of a downer: the racier the lingerie, the higher its purchase price.

  • Why Dating Is Expensive For Women : The Expense of Safe and Reliable Transportation

The combination of transportation and dating is a tricky mix. If you own a car, things might be a bit easier for you, although not necessarily snag-free. If you go out with your sweetheart and might be consuming any alcohol, be it just one drink or many drinks into the wee hours, you’ll have to expect to incur some extra expenses.

A costly cab ride home would be a “must” unless you don’t touch a single drop. You’d probably not choose to take a cheaper train, subway or bus late at night due to safety issues – although you might choose to use these cheaper methods the next day to go pick up the car you left behind.

If you do not own a car, you might face these same issues as well as a new one: thinking to impress their dates, many women who are not car-owners choose to take a taxi in broad daylight. Needless to say, this is an unnecessary extra expense that you can easily avoid.

Women Investing Habits vs Men – The Best of the Sexes

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  • Why Dating Is Expensive For Women: Expenses to Protect your Health

When they’re dating, women often become more sexually active. This can raise some health concerns even given their use of protection and preventative measures. By the way, such health products do cost a lot – particularly if you want to purchase trusted brands.

The best thing to do is to have more frequent health examinations by your doctor. It is a sort of moral obligation to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regardless of whether you have established a permanent relationship with someone or not.

Avoid skipping any gynaecological exams. You should regard your health as a top priority. Your health is your own true wealth!

  • Why Dating Is Expensive For Women: Online Dating Expenses

As a busy career woman, you might not have the time to devote to seeking out and getting lots of dates. So it’s not at all a sin, actually, it’s perfectly understandable, that you turn to online dating.

Although there are free dating apps like Tinder and LunchClick, you may feel more comfortable subscribing to established online dating portals such as Match.com and eHarmony.

Just as most women would think, you are probably of the view that the paid online dating portals offer more serious, trustworthy romantic partners. By using the paid membership dating portals, you also have a better chance of avoiding the separated-but-not-yet-divorced fathers as well as men who may be twice your age.

So, you may hear men arguing that all these expenses that you pay are needless. According to men, we might easily avoid spending all this money on dating. Truth be told, however, most guys would not enjoy dating any other way!

Women Investing Habits vs Men – The Best of the Sexes

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