Gender Stereotypes are so 1950s. Gone are the times when women were just housewives with sole responsibility for childcare while men were expected to bring home the bacon. Partners now share and divide the responsibility of childcare. Not only does it avoid unnecessary stress and tension between couples but also ensures quality time within your family.

Here are some tips on how husbands and wives can split childcare responsibilities evenly:

Work together

When the man in the family spends more time taking care of the children, not only are they breaking stereotypes but also enforcing a strong positive role model to their children.

By working together, children will see the importance of both women and men in the household. Splitting responsibilities such as babysitting, chores and other housework can be done weekly or monthly.

When both parents cooperate, communicate and use both their skills to their advantage, it results in a happy and wholesome household.

Be Open And Split Your Finances

When it comes to you caring for your children, there are certain financial compromises that need to be discussed especially during the first year. Whether you have decided to merge your finances after marriage or split the bills equally, having a conversation about who pays for which item can help lessen the burden on both your shoulders.

List your baby’s needs

Even before your baby comes into the world, couples should do the necessary research to find out the things that a baby needs.

Amid talk about the division of labour, it is crucial to understand the roles that both of you play. Making a list or a schedule of tasks that involves caring for the baby will help. Things such as feeding, diapering and even choosing the childcare are just some of the many things that will ensure a child’s holistic upbringing.

If you are a first-time parent and the amount of information available online comes off as too stressful for you, consult with your closest family and friends. You may even ask your parents what the most effective and important things to do were when you were growing up!

Share baby time

Usually, when a baby is born, the father works to provide for his family. This may lead to a new father feeling left out of the mother-infant bond and unsure of his new role.

However, one solution is speaking to your husband about paternity leave. In most companies, new fathers are eligible for paid leave or partially paid time off and unpaid time off. Some companies allow you to use your holiday leave. By making use of this opportunity, fathers are able to be more present at home and figure out the time you have as a family from the outset.The New Savvy - Women - Childcare 2

Consider hiring help

If your budget can afford to hire help, it will definitely contribute to you spending more quality time with your baby and partner rather than having to clean the house and wash the bottles.

Instead of letting a helper primarily care for your child, hire someone part-time who will help you with weekly household chores that will enable you more time to spend playing with your child.

Take advantage of technology

Washing Machines and Dishwashers have saved generations from spending too much time cleaning and getting chores done. Additionally, the latest technology opens up a brand new range of help that will make our lives much easier.

For example, instead of going out to buy groceries every week, you can just order it with a few clicks on your phone. Additionally, paying household bills can also be done online. So while you are rocking your child to sleep, you can also be buying groceries that limits commuting time and stress!

Don’t Be Hard On Yourselves

Parents are not meant to be perfect. Just like anyone, they are bound to make mistakes. So instead of beating yourself up for not swaddling your baby correctly, work on it together and use every opportunity to be better.

As long as partners have a common goal in mind, the exhaustion and time spent caring for your child will all be worth it in the end. Reward yourselves when you reach small little milestones and be proud of what you have accomplished as a family.


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