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Personal relationships are just about love and loyalties, right? Well, not exactly. They’re about communicating well together about money matters, how you influence each other’s spending habits and friendship nurturing that requires a woman’s time and attention. The New Savvy delves into relationship and social life issues that can, over time, affect a woman’s financial standing. A dating couple who’s madly in love may be on Cloud 9. At some point, possibly when the restaurant bill arrives, or when the taxi driver wants his fare, reality kicks in. Deeply committed married couples still need to cover household expenses and save for retirement. Think of the cost involved in educating children or of providing the very best care for your parents in their old age. Yes, personal relationships are also about money. They involve finding common ground on topics like day-to-day money management, financial planning, investing, borrowing and naming beneficiaries in insurance policies and wills. This financial relationships guide will set a course for smooth sailing for all of your life partnerships. It offers advice for addressing money issues while in the early phases of a relationship. You’ll find lots of helpful tips to get a marriage off to a productive start regarding finding common ground. Or, if your VIP relationship is already more mature, this guide will ensure you stay on track and are equipped to tackle any new issues that may threaten to put up hurdles in your relationship. In short, this financial relationship guide will help you build and maintain positive relationships. Relationships can be a hotbed for conflict surrounding finances. Despite our 21st-century perspective of gender equality, there are many relationships where typical “male” and typical “female” roles and expectations lurk in the background. Men may still regard themselves as the breadwinner, or the financial head-of-household. Myths about a supposed inability of women to deal with money matters may persist. Nowadays women are spreading their wings, becoming career professionals and top-notch earners like never before. Traditional roles in any given relationship may need to be re-thought. Various aspects of a relationship’s financial workload – whether it is bringing home the bacon, coming up with a smart investment plan or budgeting for holidays and groceries – are all part of the big picture called money management. Women are becoming more financially savvy than ever before. Learn in this financial relationships guide how to work constructively with your partner, family and friends to create a healthy cooperative environment to discuss money matters. Your financial talents and input are significant!

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