Are you one of the majority of women who prefer not to ask for help from anyone? Do you fear showing the world even a single glimpse of your difficulties let alone ask for help from somebody so that you may solve at least one of your issues? You are not alone. Statistics indicate that most women do not ask for help in the workplace, at home or even during tragic times.

This is because some women do not prefer to be obligated to anyone nor do they want to be turned down for assistance. However, it is mandatory for us human beings to ask for help and provide help as well as support to one another in order to maintain peace and harmony in the world. It is our natural instinct as human beings to socially interact with one another.

Women Asking for Help: Tragic Times

It is almost impossible for us to get through the catastrophic circumstances of life all alone without anyone’s help. Moreover, you don’t even have to ask for help out loud at such times as your loving family or relatives, friends and neighbours remain standby for you already after they hear of your bad times. All you really have to do is let them know about your distressful situation.

Emma Johnson did not realise how a number of loving and caring people in her life already existed ready to help her at times of need until a tragedy occurred in her life. Ms. Johnson’s husband had an accident on his way to Europe which made him brain injured. Consequently, Ms. Johnson had to take care of her one-year-old daughter and prepare for the birth of her second child single-handedly.

In addition to that, she also had to start working in order to meet with her financial crisis. In the midst of all these, it was her family, relatives, friends and neighbours who supported her emotionally. They cooked and brought homemade food for her. They called her, e-mailed her and sent her letters of blessings and good wishes. Through this tragedy, Ms. Johnson felt stronger and no longer alone.

Women Asking for Help: In The Workplace

You must have good networking skills at the workplace. At the workplace, it is essential that you synergise and work together as a team in order to complete a project within the deadline. Communicating within a group or your office with your co-workers may help you find the most efficient strategies so that you can produce an effective result quickly.

To exemplify, Emma Johnson managed to promote a successful blog with less investment by taking the help from another blogger who did not ever meet in person. They talked on the phone and the helpful blogger provided her with techniques and tips that later on, helped Ms. Johnson make her blog more successful. If you are stuck on a stage within your project, you can overcome it by asking for help from your co-workers or seniors.

Women Asking for Help: At Home

A recent study discovered that working women do not ask for help at home. Most working women like to manage the responsibilities at home alone regardless of how high position they secure at the workplace. Neither do they keep any nannies, chefs or domestic helpers nor do they ask their husbands for help. The negative side of this is that the investigation also revealed that the higher the position a woman holds in her occupation, the messier is the state of her house. The investigation reached a conclusion that women like to dominate the household despite being busy pursuing their careers.

While we are advancing a ceaselessly modernising era, we are aiming to achieve gender equality throughout the world. Consequently, all women must learn to divide the domestic work equally with their life partners. All women must change their perspectives in this case in order to discourage gender divisions in marriages. Not including the husband in domestic tasks in order to dominate over all the domestic responsibilities can discourage gender equality as the mentality of the differences of roles based on gender differences will be encouraged and carried on further in the future.

Dividing the managerial role at home can be good for you personally as well. This will help you and your husband to deepen your relationship. You will understand each other’s difficulties more easily and develop a deeper respect for each other.

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