Public Relations can be costly for low budget entrepreneurs. If you are a struggling single mother, doing your own public relation should be ideal for you. If you are a woman who has been deceived while hiring a PR assistant or expert, this may also be the cheapest way to do public relations.

There are two ways of doing public relations, which includes a number of pros and cons in both of the cases.

Don’t forget that Bill Gates stated: “If I was down to my last Dollar, I would spend it on public relations”.

Public Relations For Women: The Old Fashioned Way

The old-fashioned way to publicise your business is by utilising the press. First of all, decide which one of your brands you want to offer for purchase. Is your sale on a specific product or service?

Take your time and brainstorm all your business plans, then focus on the one on which you will perform to do your own public relations. Make sure that you focus on a brand that will work after being incorporated into the press.

Then, determine who you want the target audience of your brand to be. Google or Microsoft spreadsheets could be nifty to spread out all your options.

Although you can include multiple target audiences, make sure that the ones that you actually keep are the ones who you can reach most effectively, because that will turn out to be more profitable for your business and give you a higher chance to succeed.

For instance, the target audience that I will choose for my event management business will be parents and engaged couples.

Next, determine three outlets that will be effective for attracting your targeted audience towards your brand. Try to be as open-minded and unique as possible! Make sure that your product or service is actually worthy enough for your chosen outlets.

The stronger the relationship between your brand and the outlet, the more successful you are likely to be!

The next step is to take each one of the three outlets and analyse them with enjoyment. Make sure that you’re analysing with care. A wrong analysis can lead to a dismaying result but don’t stress, you’ll do fine!

To begin with, find the segments of the outlet where your product or service may fit best in. Do some research to verify the person who wrote or produced it using the name on the first page of the publication, or with the bio section of a website.

Identify their name, when you did that you can either Google it or look through their LinkedIn profile. When you see that you like their personality or other publicised work, make note of what you enjoyed their publication.

Finally, contact the publication individual. Tell them what you find so intriguing about them and then invite them out to a treat or a hangout. When you meet them, it’d be best to share your visions and ideas regarding your business with them. Furthermore, you can send your product or give them a demonstration of your service in order to lure them in.

Keep repeating this several times with different ideas of brands.

Public Relations For Women: The Modern Way

The modern way to promote your business is through the virtual world. Using social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to do your own public relations or use IOS or Android Applications would be the best way to go.

Engaging with other experts through social network groups for ideas would be a good idea. One social network that’s handy in particular is LinkedIn. However, try to make sure the ideas come from reliable and trustworthy sources before you actually implement them.

You can also join Networking Communities for Female Entrepreneurs in Singapore

Create your own posts, videos, slides or articles which are linked to your brand so that you can share them with applicable hashtags with the rest of the world. This will help your brand to become familiarised in the virtual world as you attract the attention from everyone towards your brand and engage even more with these platforms!

A smart idea would be to monitor the progress so that you know whether you should further invest in this venture or not. If your PR is not effective enough, don’t start investing, but if your PR is effective, start investing in a permanent domain and several free or subscribed tools/applications.

You should also keep yourself updated with the latest trends and new situations or changes occurring around the world. If any alterations take place that is relative to your brand, use this opportunity to be interviewed or let yourself and your brand be known globally.

Last, of all, it’s important to invest wisely. There are apps you can use, such as Unicycle, that guide you to work selectively so that your brand is widely promoted through Twitter.

Free tools like Google Analytics are essential so that your interaction is carefully monitored with no stops or pauses. Use the free limited period of trials before you purchase any tools or apps in order to ensure enough effectuality and productivity.

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