Pick Up Your Productivity: Five Ways To Get Motivated

Most people, if not everyone, find themselves in a slump every once in a while. Even the greatest minds and most successful people slow down and wonder what to do next. Sometimes you just get tired, bored, or simply burned out. Don’t fret just yet; it will not always be this way; sometimes you just need to find a little motivation to get yourself going again. Check out some of these tips that might help you get motivated and provide that extra little push you need to get back on the right track.

Pick Up Your Productivity: Five Ways To Get Motivated

Finish the most difficult tasks first

Some things are just harder to finish than others. We all have tasks that need to get done in order to progress, and more often than not, some of these tasks can be insanely difficult. Most people are tempted to get the quicker and easier tasks done ahead of the rest. They believe that it might give them the momentum they need and prepare them to tackle the harder tasks they need to do. While this is one way to look at things, there is another and probably more productive way of doing things. You should try finishing the harder tasks before you move on to the more pleasurable ones. This might turn some people off, but this is actually a better option that you should consider.

How to go about it: The hardest part of climbing a mountain is going up; you have gravity working against you so it takes a lot more effort and time. It might make you tired and burn you out, but one you reach the top, it’s all downhill from there. This is the same when you have a list of tasks you need to finish. Once you are done with the difficult tasks, there are only the stress-free tasks left to finish. Completing the more difficult goals can also give you the motivation you need and give you a sense of accomplishment that can provide some momentum. So the next time you have a bunch of things that need to get done, do the hard tasks first and do them early.


Find something that inspires you

A day job can be really boring and extremely tiring. Getting up early in the morning, going through traffic or the daily commute, and dealing with a not so friendly boss or colleague can be really tough. Things like these can get you down and erase any motivation you had at the start of your career. Whether or not your job is difficult or easy is out of the question; you can lose motivation if you are just working for the sake of working and nothing else. This is why so many people eventually find themselves questioning their choice of career and place in life.

How to go about it: Look for inspiration. If you lack motivation, look around you and look for something you are passionate about and love that might be able to bring back that spark you so very badly need. For some people it could be a significant other that provides the drive to succeed; for others it could be their children. Some people find inspiration in bigger things such as helping others and making the world a better place. Whatever the case, be sure that you find inspiration and feelings that can motivate you and help you get through the day.


Use a calendar

Now, you might think that this is too simple to deserve a place on this list, but calendars do actually help people get things done. Anyone who knows how to deal with a hectic schedule will tell you that the calendar is a workaholic’s best friend. It tell you what you need to do and when you need to do it. All you need is a little discipline to take a look at your calendar and do whatever is written on it. Calendars are cheap, easy to use, and accessible to almost everyone on the plane; no wonder it is one of the most popular office accessories you can find.

How to go about it: Grab a calendar with images you like and put it on your door, wall, or wherever else you look often during the day. This will make sure that you see what you need to do before you go and do something else. You are probably asking how this provides motivation for people. Well, have you ever tried crossing something off a list of things you need to do? Same concept with a calendar; you cross of days that you have successfully completed along with the tasks you were schedule to finish. Calendars are also a great way to remember deadlines and to finish your work faster as the deadline nears.


Design a great workspace

Where you work can greatly affect your mood and determine whether you will be motivated for the day, or just plain tired and gloomy. This is why a lot of businesses put a ton of time, effort, and money designing offices that will surely provide a motivated and productive environment for employees working there. Great office spaces can also attract more employees and show that your company is professional and serious (or fun and wacky if that’s what you are going for).

How to go about it: How your workplace is set up can help motivate you to do better and work more. Do what you can to make your workplace suitable for working and your personality. If you have enough freedom to adjust the lighting and to choose the color of your room (probably if you have your own office at home), take advantage of the opportunity. If all you have is a desk at the office, try placing some plants or decorative accessories that might help motivate you.


Take a break

Sometimes you just need to take a break to get back that fire that had you working all day at the star of the year. A year, week, or even just a day of hard work can really take a toll on you both physically and mentally. People who refuse to take breaks often find themselves breaking down at some point in their life and losing their motivation. Some companies even encourage employees to use up their vacation leaves because they know how important it is to let go of work and refresh yourself for a bit.

How to go about it: When you feel like work, or even life in general, is just too much to handle, take some time to regroup and get yourself together; in other words, take a break. Use up your vacation leaves and find that motivation again. Look to your family and friends and do things you like; maybe they can inspire you to get going again. If all you need is a short break, try having a KitKat, or maybe a cigarette during your fifteen minute break. Taking a break does not have to be costly. Whether you opt for cheaper options or the more luxurious kinds of breaks, whatever happens, always remember that you cannot take life too seriously at all time.

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