Are you a nomadic solopreneur?

The freedom that comes with working remotely is unparalleled.

You can work from anywhere in the world, even while traveling. You can schedule your own work timing. And you work only as much as you want.

Studies also point out that people who work remotely have better work-life balance and feel happier.

But like everything, going remote also has its drawbacks. Things are not all rosy. Solopreneurs often have to deal with challenges like no proper workplace, project management issues, difficulty in scheduling social media posts, inability to manage emails effectively, and difficulty in managing invoices, and so on.

To help nomadic solopreneurs increase their productivity, here is the complete productivity toolkit. These tools can help you in a number of areas.

Coworking space to increase productivity

Coworking space is used by many nomadic solopreneurs as it is known to increase productivity. In a survey, employees working in a coworking space in Ahmedabad reported 50% higher incomes

Coworking space is also capable of building a sense of community. It creates an opportunity for new business by bringing new connections, increases flexibility, and support wellbeing.

If you are a person who travels a lot, you can opt for coworking spaces with multi-city locations.

Buffer to seamlessly manage social media posts

Trusted by more than 75,000 companies, Buffer is a great tool for solopreneurs struggling to manage their social media postings.

If you have been doing social media marketing for a while you know how crucial timing is. Using Buffer, you can schedule your social media posts so to share them when your followers are most probably online.

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Designed to ease workflow, the tool also allows you to measure your performance, generate reports, and gain insights so that you can grow your audience, engagement level, and sales.

You can try the 14-day free trial.

Trello to manage projects effortlessly

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you will be working alone all the time. At one point in time, you will be hiring freelancers to collaborate with you.

Trello is a great tool for team management and getting more done in less time. It can help your team stay organized. It is capable of integrating the apps your team is already using directly into your workflow, making team collaboration easier.

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Also, you can create a board for any project and send it to your team. It is fun and engaging. Moreover, you can leverage on its automation feature and alert your team about due dates, important events, and so on.

Invoice Ninja to send professionally designed invoices

Sending out several invoices weekly from different locations can be taxing. If you are finding it difficult to handle your invoice, you need invoicing software like Invoice Ninja.

A cloud-based invoicing platform, you can create and send professionally designed invoices with the company logo and details using this tool and get paid. It is suitable for your laptop or Android device.

Since the data is collected in the Cloud, you can securely access them anytime, anywhere. Another great feature is its ability to track work time.

It is great for solopreneurs who are always on the go.

Slack for easy communication

For those team members working remotely, good communication is crucial. Slack can keep you well-connected, and it ensures that everyone in your team gets a shared view of progress and purpose.

The conversations you have in Slack are organized, important information can be archived, and since it allows you to choose which conversations are most important, it ensures that no crucial information is missed out.

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And with its shared channels, you can work with other people outside your company, thus increasing productivity.

MailerLite for optimizing email marketing

Email marketing is known to generate the highest ROI. You shouldn’t be missing out on it. However, email marketing is not easy.

Use MailerLite to grow your subscribers and build stronger relationships. It has great features starting from drag and drop editor to landing pages and automation features.

You can easily create email newsletters using its drag and drop editor. You don’t have to invest in a developer.

You will also be getting 24/7 live support, so don’t worry about not being a tech pro.

Square to get paid securely

One of the worst nightmares of solopreneurs is getting their credit cards compromised. If you use Square, you can take secure payments anywhere. It is free to set up a Square account and start selling online.

You will receive the hardware that attaches to a smart device. The company keeps 2.75% of the completed transactions made whenever you make a sale.

The company has also developed a new app called Square Invoices that allows you to create, manage, and send invoices from anywhere.

Square is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices and does not support Windows, Blackberry, and Amazon Fire devices.

RescueTime to manage time and enhance productivity

Analyzing how you use your time is a great way to be more productive. You can use RescueTime that sends a weekly report on how you have spent your time.

The software aids you in understanding your everyday habits, allowing you to manage time more effectively and reach your goals.

You can run it on your computer and mobile devices. It will show the time you have spent on applications or websites. It is available for free. You can also upgrade to premium to enjoy its best features.


The challenges that solopreneurs face should not deter you from going remote.

With all the tools available at your disposal, setting goals and accomplishing them should not be that difficult.

Consider using the tools for nomadic solopreneurs mentioned in this article and take your business forward by increasing productivity.

But before settling for any tool, ensure that it is suitable for your business. Different tools are designed for different purposes. You can make the right choice by knowing your business goals.

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