Relaxed And Recharged: Evening Routines For Successful Women

You might not think much of them, but the habits you start for yourself somehow determines your level of productivity and in the long run, your potentials for success. Just think of the last time you did not get enough sleep. The next day was not exactly great, was it? Or imagine yourself getting into an argument in the morning. Would that not affect your mood and thinking process during the day?


Since we have already shared with you the morning routines of successful women, it is just right to back it up with the things they do as the day ends. We have rounded up for you the night routines of successful women.

 Relaxed and Recharged: Evening Routines For Successful Women

  1. Get quality sleep.

Many people tend to overlook this, but getting enough sleep at night is a must if you want to be productive during the day. There are some who are of the rare breed who can survive with less than 5 hours of sleep a day, but normally, we need at least 8 hours of sleep. A slumber this long at a daily rate keeps you productive and your mind focused and creative, ensures better health and longer attention span, and avoids getting overly stressed, mood fluctuation and sudden bursts of emotions. It has been shown that not getting enough sleep at night can cause obesity, diabetes, damage to the heart, and ultimately, an early, untimely death. Do not wait for you to learn it the hard way; fix your sleeping habits from early on.


  1. Wash up.

Do not be lazy; no matter how tired you are, never forget to wash your face and brush your teeth before you sleep. Do not let the germ and bacteria that built-up on your face throughout the day stay in your skin overnight. It would also help to put apply some moisturizer to your face and lotion or coconut oil to your skin. This helps brighten your face up and make you look energized and fresh the next morning.


  1. Take a relaxing bath (bubble baths, if you prefer).

After the stressful work you had to face during the day, you need some time to relax and rejuvenate. What a better way to do this than to take a bath? We recommend adding Epsom salt if you are not the bubble-bath person. Since you are at it already, why not make the most  of the moment and create a romantic, relaxing space and time for yourself? Light some candles up and play some soft music as you soak. Simple pleasures like this can greatly affect your performance and mood the next day, if not the whole week!


  1. Get a massage.

While you should not get a massage every day, it is not a bad habit to get one regularly (once in 2 weeks or so). It is a given that our body and mind affect each other. It is not enough to rest your mind by sleeping; you also need to ease your body. Those hours of thinking and exerting effort on your work can stiffen those joints and muscles, and your massage therapist knows the best way to heal that. We recommend using oil for your massage as it enhances the feeling of relaxation.


  1. Write positive notes to read the following morning.

This might be a weird habit, but try it and see for yourself how it can transform you. Try writing little notes of positivity before you sleep; it can be the things you are thankful for during the day. The following morning, read the note and remember the feeling of being grateful as you wrote it. You have no idea how effective this habit is in starting the morning positively.


  1. Meditate and do proper breathing.

You have been through a lot during the day; if you work in an office, you probably hear the sounds of computers and keyboards and meetings throughout the day. Recharge yourself by giving yourself some time alone to relax, keep still and quiet, and breathe deeply. Know that your brain, heart, and nervous and digestive systems find it hard to function as usual and to maximize its potentials if it is not getting sufficient oxygen, and during a busy day, it is unavoidable to forget to stop for a moment to breathe.


  1. Read a book.

Instead of watching the television or using your smartphone or tablet before you go to bed, it is a better habit to take an actual book off the shelf and read old-school style. The bright white screens of our gadgets actually confuse and mess up our bodies and body clocks as they create the illusion of daylight. Therefore, your body starts to think it is daytime and does not produce enough chemicals such as melatonin which are crucial for a good night’s sleep.


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