Get The Most out of a Conference

Conferences are amazing. One, because the conferences are usually on topics that most people will benefit from, and two, it is an absolutely amazing time for networking.

At high-level conferences, it wouldn’t be surprising to see big names in the field, like Bill Gates, ministers, high-level government officials and the various experts in that area, not to mention potential future investors and business partners.

So how does one actually get the most out of a conference? With the sheer number of people at the convention hall, it’s a little hard to navigate. One of the better ways is simply to stand out! Instead of running to people, stand out and people will come to you.

Maximise Your Time In A Conference

That said, let us offer a few tips and ways to help you get the most out of any conference you attend.

  1. Be in the zone.

There is nothing better than a person who is completely in the zone for the conference. When you’re in the zone, you focus more on the topics at hand, understand more, and are able to ask the real questions that need answering.  This helps to further improve your own work in whichever field that you’re in as well.

People will actually listen to what you have to say, much like some of the industry experts. This can potentially land you unique business opportunities too!

Infographic: How to Network Effectively With (Every) Personality

  1. Do your homework

In this case, doing your homework would mean knowing who the speakers are, and who is going in general. This point drives across the overarching topic of networking. Being in contact or acquaintances with the various industry players and movers will benefit you greatly – if you have a fresh idea that they like, you know that you’ll be going places, and be well on your way to being an expert like them.

Also, in this case, doing your homework would also be to read up on the topics in the conference. For example, there is a new tool to utilise for candlestick charts. Surely it would benefit you if you knew what the speakers will talk about, and test out the tool yourself. Perhaps then after the Q&A, you could discuss with them the failings and how it can be improved? It could be anything.

  1. Use social media to your advantage!

Social media, in this case, would just be beneficial to your network. You could also tweet every speaker’s best points – people will take notice of you. Another point could be you taking a photo with them – a ‘wefie’ if you will. Tagging them in it will also raise your profile all across social media, which again can lead to unique opportunities for yourself.

  1. Get in character!

In a conference, don’t expect to meet the person of your dreams, or to forge the deepest friendships.

That said, to have a unique point about you means that people will remember you. For example, the singer James Bay is famous for his appearance with his signature fedora, and Ed Sheeran with his classic red hair, and checkered shirt. Everyone can find or create that unique point about themselves, so get creative!

It can be anything from a quirky dress sense, all the way to having a full beard. Have outfits or accessories that are constant – if you like big necklaces, and then wear them for the entirety of the conference! If your tailored three-piece suit has unique colours or spots, use them!

A famous person who is usually a constant in clothing is Mark Zuckerberg. Think about it – his most famous outfit is simply a plain T-shirt with jeans. It’s simple, but it defines him to the point where seeing him wear anything else would seem weird.

Remember, it’s all about dressing to impress potential contacts as well.

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