Singapore Airlines: About Krisflyer

Singapore Airlines is the official airline of Singapore. Originally called Malaysian airways, it was founded on the 1st May 1947 and has grown to become one of the best airlines in the world today as claimed by numerous business travel and leisure magazines across the globe. Its major hubs are in Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Houston (IAH), Newark (EWR) and New York (JFK).

Thousands of passengers use their services every year, choosing from a selection of five cabin services ranging from its suites, first-class, business class, premium economy class, and economy class. The airline itself offers a frequent flyer program called KrisFlyer designed, like other programs of its kind, for customers enrolled in it to accumulate air miles or points which can then be redeemed for air travel or other rewards.

The points are often determined by the distance flown, the number of times travelled within a given period of time, the flight class and the amount paid. Other means are through the patronage of products and services from businesses partnering with the airline such as hotels, car hire companies, debit and credit cards from credit card companies that you can compare using a website like Finty.

Krisflyer is divided into four basic levels beginning with Krisflyer, the basic level at which one starts to earn miles, then KrisFlyer Eite Silver, KrisFlyer Elite Gold and finally, Priority Passenger Services Club. All of these services have made Singapore airlines one of the most desirable mediums of air travel in Asia and all over the world.

Is the Krisflyer program still worth the membership?

In recent times, questions have arisen as to the relevance of collecting Krisflyer points today. The airline business is in a constant state of evolution and airlines are continually upgrading their services to maintain customer satisfaction. Despite the new developments here and there, the benefits of accumulating air mileage are still very relevant to travellers today as it allows them to enjoy certain services that are usually outside their original booking, budget or settles some of their flight bills for free. The KrisFlyer program is partnered with several other airline businesses in different parts of the world through which points can be redeemed for their connecting flights and other airline services.

Travel class upgrade

Krisflyer miles enable travellers to upgrade their travel class to one that is higher than their original booking. This is one of the best perks of accumulating air miles. Not everyone will be able to afford first-class, business class, premium economy class or economy class on Singapore airline and its affiliates. Krisflyer points offer the opportunity to experience a level of air travel that you ordinarily may not be able to afford.

Airport lounge access

Airport lounges are airline facilities designed for passengers to provide comfort beyond those available at airport terminals. They provide extra comfort in seating, catering services in free drinks and snacks, quiet environments with calm ambiances and tasteful interior décor and business tools such as Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, telephones, and customer service. Airport lounges are sometimes attached to fight classes like first-class and business class but they can also be requested for an extra charge. Krisflyer points can be redeemed by users to utilize the services of airport lounges in all Singapore and partner airline hubs. For some people, this means they get to enjoy a service they usually pay extra for, for free.

Fast track access

Security lines at airports are quite the bother. They stretch out endlessly and passengers often spend a long time waiting for security to search others one by one. Krisflyer miles can shorten this process by enabling the customer to bypass normal security queues and go through VIP security checks instead.

Priority bookings

Membership of the Krisflyer program affords travellers the advantage of priority booking ahead of others. They get to board earlier than others, keep carry on bags in overhead compartments close to them, get extra legroom and other perks that come with being the first to book and board a flight.


Air travel is the fastest and most convenient way to move around the world and the need for comfort and convenience is ever rising. Air miles accrued from consistent patronage and loyalty to the airline as payment makes it easier to score these perks. Being one of the most travelled airlines in South East Asia and the world, Krisflyer miles is definitely still worth it to Singapore Airline’s customers in 2020 and will continue to be for a very long time.

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