How to network effectively? That’s a question most people ask.

Let’s face it: professional networking is a way of life. Say you’ve signed up for a networking event and checked out the background of other participants. Yet you still may walk into that party with no clue about whom you want to connect with. As we women face an ever more competitive working world, we need to nurture our network if we want our careers to thrive.

This is not about the number of contacts in a Facebook account or the number of business cards you bring home from that networking event. It’s about establishing relationships with well-connected professionals with an interest in your line of work.

Referrals and advice from your core group will help you weave an ever-growing web of contacts – career-boosters who will help you get that next job, advance within your career, tweak your speciality area and even achieve your ultimate career goals!

But it takes some thought to network effectively with the right people.

How to Network with (Every) Personality

Source: Matter Sight 

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